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Day[9] Battles Gavin Stenhouse in Magic: the Gathering: Spellslingers

Sean “Day[9]” Plott engages in an epic duel of wits against actor and generally charming goofball Gavin Stenhouse.

The Rōt-O’-Destiny, younger cousin and current stand in for the Spellslinger‘s usual Wheel of Fate, is a cruel mistress and deals Gavin a Blue/White deck. Lady Luck clearly doesn’t favor all men equally, as she stops Sean’s spin of the Rōt-O’-Destiny on a Black/Red deck, the very colors which Gavin wanted to play. With Gavin untrained in the ways of Blue and Sean backed by his mighty and hard hitting Reds and Blacks, will Sean have this in the bag, or will Gavin quickly grasp the dark arts and utilize his flyers to destroy his opponent?

“Like an assassin that can only use darts,” Gavin’s deck is built for constant, hard to defend, low level damage. With his airborne warriors, he can attack Sean directly, but may not cause the most damage per round. Sean on the other hand, has a deck full of powerful creatures and spells, which don’t necessarily have the reach to block Gavin’s attacks, but are often much stronger. Who will come out ahead in this battle to the death?

When next you play Magic: the Gathering, put a couple extra removal spells in your deck, use the word “removal” to look super cool, and as always, may you draw well.

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