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Critical Role Transcript Is the Champion of Closed Captioning
Critical RoleCritical Role

Critical Role Transcript Is the Champion of Closed Captioning

Whether you’re in a place that requires you keeping the volume low (in the middle of class, perhaps?) or you’re unable to hear the dialogue, there are times when just about everyone needs some help following the fast-paced exchanges on Critical Role. Enter Critical Role Transcript, a volunteer effort led by fans Alice, Danielle, Rose, and JD to add subtitles to the 100+ episodes of everyone’s favorite Thursday night show.

“Our goal is to make Critical Role accessible to all Critters, current and future, regardless of ability,” says the group behind CR Transcript. “That means adding closed captions to every episode of the show.

“We’ve heard from folks who are D(d)eaf, hard-of-hearing, Critters who don’t speak English as a native language, and even people who can’t understand anyone when they’re talking over each other!”

CR Transcript

Quips fly as fast as Vax does when he clicks his boots, so it’s no easy feat to keep up the typing. Multiply hundreds of minutes by hundreds of episodes, and you’ve got a daunting transcription task in front of you. That’s where the volunteers come in—over 100 so far.

“Multiple volunteers share the work for transcription and editing, and new volunteers are always jumping in to give it a shot,” says CR Transcript.

The group has been a fan of Critical Role since the early episodes—Alice and Danielle since episodes 2 and 14, respectively, and Rose and JD in the 50s—and their obvious love for the show is evidenced by all of the time they put into transcribing and working with volunteers.

“A single five-minute chunk of transcription takes an experienced transcriber about 15 minutes,” CR Transcript says. “Multiply that by 45 for a typical episode, and you’ve got over 11 hours (thus the need for multiple volunteers!). Editing takes between five and ten hours, and time-setting takes another five-ish hours.”


Once the episode is transcribed, it’s compiled in a special file with the timing and captions info, and then sent to Geek & Sundry to upload to YouTube. “We’re over 60 percent finished with captioning the show, back to the first episode,” says CR Transcript.

Visit the CR Transcript web site for regularly updated calls for volunteers so you can join in the effort.

And don’t forget to tune into Geek & Sundry’s Twitch channel every Thursday night for even more fast-flying dialogue in Critical Role.

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