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Critical Role One-Shot: Shadow of War – Part 1

The cast of Critical Role sit down to play a special one-shot RPG inspired by the upcoming video game Middle-earth: Shadow of War!  Matt Mercer DMs this adventure with players Laura Bailey, Darin De Paul, Sam Riegel and Travis Willingham adventuring through Mordor as a group of orcs from the Marauder tribe against a mysterious new enemy.

The scene is set where a rag-tag group of vicious, bickering soldiers have been spending months stationed on the outskirts of the watch-fortress of Nargroth on the eastern edge of the Plateau of Gorgoroth. Their blood has run complacent and restless, the few raids between here and the Sea of Nurnen proving sparse and with little spoils. Amid the limited access to decent grog, and aimless patrols that test their patience, it comes as both a shock and a welcome change of pace when an explosion rocks the warchief’s quarters.

Chaos takes the camp as a group of mutinous Uruk storm the leadership of the fortress, eventually failing in their assassination attempt. The wounded chief Ishbuk the Black finds the group in a fury, beating the final bits of life (and information) from a would-be-assassin. It babbles word of another Uruk champion called Bothug Bone-Splitter, long thought slain, that is building followers to overtake Nargroth for himself. Breaking the assassin’s neck, Warchief Ishbuk commands the group to track down where this usurper is stationed and kill him… return with his head, and they will be advanced to command their own Uruk troops. Fail, and be fed to the caragors.

The now-marked Bounty Hunters must investigate and track down the whereabouts of this Bothug Bone-Splitter and his followers, slay him, and return with his head…

Middle Earth: Shadow of War releases on 10/10 – click here to learn more and pick up a copy. While you wait for your pre-order to arrive, The Shadow of War mobile game is also available now and can be downloaded on IOS & Android devices here.

Thanks to WB Games for sponsoring this very special Critical Role one-shot!

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