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Critical Role One-Shot: Thursday By Night – Part 2

In part two of our special one-shot, our Storyteller Taliesin Jaffe takes the Critical Role cast through a dark yet strangely familiar world of vampires, werewolves, and other assorted creatures of the night in Vampire the Masquerade!

Though the adventures of Vox Machina have ended, don’t worry: Critical Role isn’t going anywhere. The new campaign kicks off in early 2018, but until then, we have a collection of creative one-shots for you to enjoy while you wait, every Thursday on Alpha and Twitch at 7pm PT.

Thanks to TOR Books for sponsoring this episode of Critical Role! Click here for details on TOR’s bag of holding sweepstakes, and be sure to pick up a copy of Brandon Sanderson’s Oathbringer when it releases on November 14.


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