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Critical Role Fan Craft – Vax’ildan’s Serpent Wrist Cuff

Vax’ildan’s serpentkind belt may have been stolen, but that’s no reason you can’t rock a wrist cuff just like it. Just be careful who you do business with wearing it. Not everyone is snake-friendly.

What you’ll need:

  • Leather sheet
  • 4 heavy duty snaps
  • Snap setter kit
  • Hammer and nail
  • Exacto knife
  • Sandpaper
  • Brown thread and needle
  • Serpent pendant
  • Black cord
  1. Measure your wrist and cut the leather to size. Leave enough overlap for your snaps.
  1. Weather the leather using sandpaper and the edge of your exacto knife. You want the leather to look worn, not brand new. This will also cover new scratches you’ll get while wearing it.


  1. Use the snap setter kit to add the snaps. Measure carefully to make sure your snaps will match up on either end. Pound the snaps in well — leather is heavy, and it will take some muscle to wrangle the snaps onto the cuff. If they’re not completely set, they’ll tear off the first time you unsnap it.


  1. Hammer holes where you want to attach the serpent. Sew around the pendant through the holes with the needle and thread.


  1. Hammer holes in any design you want to add extra flourish with the black cord.


Interested in more crafts? Let us know what else you want us to make and make sure you check out all of our Fan Craft videos.

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