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Critical Role: Episode 16 – Enter Vasselheim

As Vox Machina completes their journey across the Ozmit Sea, Tiberius and Scanlan engage in a strange math workshop until Kima arrives and prepares the group for the culture shock awaiting them in Othanzia’s capital city of Vasselheim. The airship touches down, and a representative from the Platinum Sanctuary escorts them and the payload, through the chilled streets to the head of their order… High Bearer Vord himself.

The task is laid before them: Enter the Hall of the Exalt, an ancient vault below the Sanctuary, exterminate the invading vermin, seal away the Reliquary containing the dreaded Horn of Orcus, and return safely. Easier said than done, as some of the Hall’s defenses are active and the party is forced to traverse a number of deadly traps in hopes of being rid of the evil artifact once and for all!

Destiny finds a member of Vox Machina, and they must say goodbye to one of their own for a time.

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