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Critical Role Celebrity Playlist: Vex’ahlia’s Playlist by Laura Bailey
Critical RoleCritical Role

Critical Role Celebrity Playlist: Vex’ahlia’s Playlist by Laura Bailey

In case you haven’t joined the Critter community yet, Critical Role is our Dungeons & Dragons RPG show where a group of geeky voice actors roleplay fantastic and memorable stories. Though they’ve wrapped up their current adventure, the world lives on in the Critical Role sourcebook, our Chronicles of Exandria art book, the Vox Machina comic book, and in song through character playlists, like this one.

Vex may have started her journey with a love for just her brother and money, but as time went on, she also found her bear, Trinket, the joy of flight by broom, and love with Percival, while forming deep bonds with the other members of Vox Machina. Along with Vex on her journey was Laura Bailey experienced the highs and lows that shaped the character.

She’s put together this playlist encapsulating the character, along with the insights and commentary below.

“Middle Fingers” – MISSIO
I had to include this song. It’s a perfect Vox Machina anthem. In my head I can see a beautiful slow-motion montage of them bar fighting and getting in misadventures to it.
“Reaper” – SIA
So many near misses. So many moments I thought would be our last. But I’m still standing.
“Never One Thing” – May Erlewine
Throughout the campaign, Vex went through a pretty strong metamorphosis. But what was great about the change is that she still stayed true to herself. It goes to show that we all have so much inside. So many different aspects of ourselves fighting to be seen.
“Born Again” – Saint Motel
Have you heard about my lord and savior, Pelor?
“Sweet as Whole” – Sarah Bareilles
A song for Vecna and Lady Briarwood.
“I Grieve” – Peter Gabriel
Ugh. This one hurts. My wonderful, flawed, and perfect brother. The emotion in Gabriel’s voice this is so raw. And the tempo change and realization that life carries on towards the end of the song is so very important.
“Someday Soon” – KT Tunstall
This is a song about Vex finding peace after such hardship. It’s about finding the power to give in and be happy again.
“Gold” – Matt Hartke
She’s finally realized that some things are better than what she’s always sought.
“Everything Changes” – Waitress
I love this musical. Written by the one and only Sarah Bareilles. (I’m a fan, in case you didn’t know from my last few playlists.) And this song is Vex embracing where life has taken her and loving her little babies with her whole heart.
“Along the Road” – Karmin
Wherever life takes us, whatever adventure comes next, we’ll find each other again.


Feature Image Credit: Caio Santos @BlackSalander

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