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Critical Role Celebrity Playlist: Vax’ildan’s Playlist By Liam O’Brien
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Critical Role Celebrity Playlist: Vax’ildan’s Playlist By Liam O’Brien

In case you haven’t joined the Critter community yet, Critical Role is our Dungeons & Dragons RPG show where a group of geeky voice actors roleplay fantastic and memorable stories. Though they’ve wrapped up their current adventure, the world lives on in the Critical Role sourcebook, our upcoming art book, the Vox Machina comic book, and in song through character playlists, like this one.

The coming together of Vox Machina can be traced (indirectly) to Liam O’Brien: for his birthday, DM Matt Mercer decided to give him the gift of running an RPG game for Liam and their friends. In this reflective playlist, Liam put together songs that evoke the character he played for years, Vax’ildan, towards the end of this journey and gave us insights into his feelings of the character and his journey below.

Liam O’Brien – Vax’ildan’s Playlist 2017

Raven’s Song – Aaron Embry
I’m going to miss this bastard quite a bit. And his sister. And his love. And his family. Still can’t believe how this little game evolved. Where the story has taken us. Vax’ildan will be part of me for the rest of my days.

Trouble in Mind – Larkin Poe
Briarwood’s bedroom? Umbrasyl’s guts? The Diseased Deceiver? Hold my snake belt.

Some Nights – Fun
Before the fall of Emon.

My Best Friend – Weezer
Oh Vex. Gods, does Vax love her. Their laughter together. Their competition. Their stealthing. How do I leave this part of the game behind? Couldn’t if I tried…

Running Up That Hill – Placebo
How important are the ones you love?

Talking to Myself – Watsky
It took time for Vax to accept…

Believer – Imagine Dragons
…but he did. And found faith.

Black Wave – K.Flay
A blur in the shadows, a dark blade impacts, a swirl of black feathers exploding seemingly from nowhere as an avenging angel materializes out of nothing then launches hundreds of feet into the air. Attack Attack Attack Double Dash OP please nerf.

Graveclothes – Birdtalker
That year in Zephra really brought the spring back to Vax’s step. If only…

Marked Man – Mieka Pauley
She will collect her due.

Million Reasons – Lady Gaga
Coming back from the Raven Queen, to his family in the Feywild… Knowing the effect his choices were to have on Keyleth… His greatest regret. Walking away from her.

Could Have Been Me – The Struts

Blackbird – The Beatles

Stories – Big Little Lions
What a time we had…


Art by Kendra Wells

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