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Critical Role Celebrity Playlist: Sprigg’s Soundtrack by Darin De Paul

Critical Role Celebrity Playlist: Sprigg’s Soundtrack by Darin De Paul

 Darin De Paul — Sprigg’s Soundtrack

La Nouba – Cirque Du Soleil
Starting off with a special one for me. Because being on Critical Role meant the world to me. Sharing that time with artist I truly admire – priceless. The journey that Matt Mercer let me continue after 37 years … just … wow. And sorry for going deep right off the bat. This song, to me, is the state of Sprigg’s mind. There is a sense of joy and magic, but there is also something off. And there is a sadness to it in certain sections. And as it progresses there is a relentless drive to the music. It reminds me of a clown lost in a world he doesn’t understand – overcome by the wonder, but lost and afraid. I used to listen to this song before a show I did in New York. I had just lost my mother and had to go thru a similar loss in the show. My character was a comic one, so the drama hit hard when it happened. That is Sprigg to me – a befuddled clown who faces regret, loss and great sadness … and yet can make you laugh thru the tears.

Gopher Mambo – Yma Sumac
I first heard this song in a Cirque Du Soleil show. I go to a lot of them. This song is just weird and wonderful and slightly off and brilliant and full of life. In the movie of Sprigg’s adventures it would be underscoring his many forays into town to steal magical scrolls and tomes and sneak by the giants in the sulfur baths. Sprigg caper music!

I’m Coming (Into My Own) – Amy Vorpahl
To my great joy, I have just started working with the truly amazing Amy Vorpahl on Alpha’s DARIN & AMY HAVE TO DO A MORNING SHOW. I adore Amy Vorpahl. This song is from her album Songs In The Key Of D&D. Appropriate, right? Also it makes me think of those first days when we played D & D 37 years ago – the joy of discovering the adventure of D&D. Those happy days when Sprigg The Obnoxious was created. It is hopeful and full of love. And not dirty at all. Amy told me herself. And she is my friend and I trust her. So, yes, there are absolutely no double meanings in this song. None at all. Move along. No more to see here.

Oops, I Did It Again – Max Raabe
Yes, my musical tastes are … eclectic. Max Raabe is just weird and fun and very German. If Sprigg had to do a pop song it would sound like this. The way Mr. Raabe approaches music is what I love doing when acting – approaching a character from a surprising angle.

Finale – Shakespeare’s Globe The Merry Wives Of Windsor
Shakespeare’s Globe in London is one of my favorite places to see theatre. I adored this production of The Merry Wives Of Windsor and this last song has always stayed with me. It seems like a song that Sprigg would have heard in town on one of his adventures, but he never would have joined in. He made himself an outsider due to guilt and simply wouldn’t allow it. But if only he did, his life would have been different. Geek & Sundry did that for me. I am pretty much a loner and am socially awkward. In theatre I kept to myself when doing shows. It would have been easy to do that at G & S, but those wonderful nerds embraced me, took me in, made me feel oh so welcome, accepted. It is what Sprigg wanted, but would give himself … until Vox Machina, that is.

Hello, I Must Be Going – Groucho Marx
I love Groucho Marx. Sophisticated nonsense. That’s Sprigg. And me.

Ghost Of Stephen Foster – Squirrel Nut Zippers
A band I love – The Squirrel Nut Zippers. This song makes me think of anyone venturing into Sprigg’s house. Weird, creepy, filled with traps you have to evade – the disjointed sense of the music conveys this for me.

Beetlejuice – Main Titles/End Titles – Danny Elfman
Oh boy, have I listened to this over and over again ever since seeing the film in the theatre. And it seems to be what would underscore a day with Sprigg and Demestrik. Just the two of them creating havoc in the house with magic and mishaps.

Nancy Whiskey – Gaelic Storm
Another band I love – Gaelic Storm. This song just has so much of the D&D feel for me – something that might have been sung when returning from a successful adventure. Maybe a young Sprigg danced to it in a tavern with his companions. Memories of a happier time for dear Sprigg.

Tea For Two – Red Clay Ramblers
This is from the Broadway show FOOL MOON with theatrical clowns Bill Irwin and David Shiner. It had a BIG impact on me. Stories for another time. But, I had the feeling this is what Sprigg imagined Demestrik dancing to when they were having their fight in front of Vox Machina. I can just see a humiliated Demestrick having to dance with a little tin cup when I hear this. And even though he would never admit it, this would make Sprigg sad. They were a team after all. And this is a team song. Tea For Two. In better times, Sprigg and Demstrik would have choreographed this and done it for Vox Machina. Oh, I am loving this idea!

Alabanza – In The Heights
My wife, Debra Cardona, has been in four productions of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s first show IN THE HEIGHTS. I adore seeing her in it. She captures my heart every time. I am a very lucky man to have married her. This song is about loss. Something Sprigg couldn’t recover from. The phrase “She was just here” always gets me. To his addled mind, his companions were just here. He can’t get over having run and lost them. They. Were. Just. Here. It rings in his mind. So when Marisha as Keyleth worried about losing me … this is what hit. To me, it was all right if Sprigg died helping them. He was trying for redemption. And, I think he found it in that moment with Keyleth. He would give of himself and help, not run. And maybe … someone would remember him and tell his story. He got that. I got that. In that moment with Marisha. I still tear up thinking about it. And I do miss Sprigg. After all … he was just here.

B-B-B-B-Bonus Section – Spontaenation – Paul F. Tompkins
I couldn’t leave you on a sad note. Well, I could have … if I was a horrible monster person! I’m not. Whew. Got that out. Right. Wrapping up with one last thing – Paul F. Tompkins. Mr. Tompkins is one of my heroes. Surprised, aren’t you?!??! Nope. You are not surprised. The whole pneumonic device is a tip of the hat to something Paul did on Comedy Bang Bang with Scott Auckerman. It was on the Time Bobby episodes and it gave me such delight. Paul’s sense of style and comedy really speaks to me. I wanted to bring a little of that to my time on Critical Role. So, I hope you will enjoy this little Paul F. Tompkins ear-grab! Oooooo, that’s a good title. How will I remember that? If only there were a device …

Featured Image Credit: Kit Buss @AnemoneTea

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