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Critical Role Celebrity Playlist: Lillith’s Playlist By Kit Buss
Critical RoleCritical Role

Critical Role Celebrity Playlist: Lillith’s Playlist By Kit Buss

In case you haven’t joined the Critter community yet, Critical Role is our Dungeons & Dragons RPG show where a group of geeky voice actors roleplay fantastic and memorable stories. Though they’ve wrapped up their current adventure, the world lives on in the Critical Role sourcebook, our upcoming art book, the Vox Machina comic book, and in song through character playlists, like this one.

Throughout the last campaign, the cast was joined by guests who have played some wonderful characters. Kit Buss, the talented artist who has captured the evolution of Critical Role in her portraits and art, joined Vox Machina on their campaign in episodes #25 (Crimson Diplomacy) and #36 (Winter’s Quest in Whitestone) as Lillith Anioska Daturai, a tiefling wizard who specializes in the School of Illusion. In addition to creating the final portraits for Vox Machina (more details here), Kit Buss has created a playlist for Lillith with commentary you can check out below.

Kit Buss – Lillith’s Playlist 2017

Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This), Marilyn Manson – Illusions are Lillith’s speciality. She’s not built for a physical fight; but the mind is equally fair game when going on the offensive. She likes to pluck out her enemies’ worst nightmares, and use them against them – bringing them to life. A little twisted, perhaps, but effective.

Raise the Dead, Rachel Rabin – Lillith’s upbringing left her with no compunctions about pulling the dead from their graves. It’s not like they’ve got the brains to complain about it; and it’s a good fear tactic to boot…

Monster, Imagine Dragons – The Daturai family aren’t philanthropists: Lillith’s sisters are cruel narcissists who enjoy murder, blackmail and human sacrifice. By dint of blood, it’s a heritage she shares, and it’s not too much of a stretch for her to imagine having turned out – or turning out – the same way.

Venom, Nola Wren – Heritage aside, if there’s one thing that stops her from turning into her sisters, it’s that big old family rift. There may be three of them, and she may only be the runt of the litter, but she’ll still be the one who puts the knife in their backs in the end…

Mako (feat. Priscilla Ahn), Ramin Djawadi – Instrumental piece from the ‘Pacific Rim’ OST. Just like Lillith, it’s a little bit enigmatic, a little bit wistful – and a little bit strange.

Safe & Sound, Taylor Swift & The Civil Wars – Lillith’s rift with her sisters began when she absconded with a human child intended for one of their blood rituals. Initially just an object of fascination as the very first human who showed no fear at her appearance, Beatrycze gradually became something more dear, more precious as they traveled together – a ward. This is the thing Lillith strives to protect; and they’ve been on the run from her sisters ever since.

Spectrum, Florence + The Machine – Imagine growing up in a dark place full of shattered mirrors and drained of life – only to escape it and emerge into a world of riotous colour, joy and vivacity. The longer and further from her home she journeyed, the more saturated Lillith’s world has become.

Afraid of the Dark, Unions – Living life always looking over your shoulder is hard; and Lillith’s sisters are not to be underestimated.

White Skin Like the Moon, Dario Marianelli – An instrumental piece from the Jayne Eyre OST. A tiefling’s infernal appearance is often a magnet for trouble; an albino tiefling is just plain sore thumb material. Due to the strangeness of her appearance, Lillith spends most of her time using illusions to disguise it – inviting less questions, and less stares.

Lillith by estevaopb

Make sure you keep tuning in to Critical Role every Thursday night at 7pm PT! We’ll have one-shot episodes throughout the rest of the year before the new campaign begins in 2018.


Images: @estevaopb

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