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Critical Role Celebrity Playlist: Kashaw Vesh by Will Friedle

Critical Role Celebrity Playlist: Kashaw Vesh by Will Friedle

There is nothing like telling a story using music. When the Critical Role gang asked us guests to come up with a playlist that helped highlight the history of our characters, I jumped at the chance. I love music, I love storytelling and I love fantasy. Combining all three…? Yeah, that’s a wonderful night for me. So I am honored to give you the Kashaw Vesh Playlist.  Depressing? Sure, at first but…it’s a ride. From birth to meeting and falling in love with Zahra, thanks for joining me on this journey! (but I didn’t use Journey)

-Will Friedle

Will Friedle — Kashaw Vesh: What Are You Looking At?

Speak To Me/Breathe (In The Air) – Pink Floyd

A tiny, nameless, village. A family he will never know. Kashaw is born.

Witchy Woman – Eagles

Swaddled in gold and whisked away by The Guide, Kashaw is raised to marry and sit at the right hand of the goddess VESH. While he is taught healing, weapons,  and tactics, his main focus of study is on his new patron deity. How bad could she be?

Crawling – Linkin Park

On his 15th naming day, VESH appears and consummates their marriage. During the ritual known as the BIND’ACH MAANO’, Kashaw is given a glimpse into the soul of his blushing new bride. It isn’t pretty.

One – Metallica

Waking and finding VESH gone and the Guide and Brothers dead, Kashaw must seek his path in life. Being trained to fight and heal he has but one option,…to become a soldier. After surviving his first battle he is called on to heal the most seriously wounded. The devastation sears his soul.

On The Turning Away – Pink Floyd

Kashaw is at a crossroads. While VESH is gone, the pull towards the blackness of life is incredibly strong. He has to make a decision…lose himself in the abyss of the world or focus on using his powers to make it a better place. Which path would you chose?

The Girl Who Lives On Heaven Hill – Husker Du

After spending some time learning how to be a person, Kash makes some good decisions…and some bad ones. One of the bad ones ends with him owing some people. The people… ? The Slayers Take. There he sees a girl who makes him think things he shouldn’t. Better be a dick to her so she doesn’t notice. This one’s for you Keyleth.

Brothers In Arms – Dire Straits

Kash decides to leave the Slayer’s Take and strike out on his own again. Even though he is use to walking the lonely path, he can’t stop thinking about the bond the members of Vox Machina share. Maybe he needs to find a family of his own.

See A Little Light – Bob Mould

Life is starting to get a little better for Kash. If only he could meet someone…

Send Me An Angel – Real Life

Kash meets the love of his life. The one who teaches him that it’s okay to love and trust again. And what better way to show Kash’s love for Zahra then with an 80’s love ballad! Hell yeah!

I Feel Free – Cream

For the first time in his life, the future looks bright (though he’ll never let you know it). Vesh is gone and he is by Zahra’s side. What a way to live.

Featured Image Credit – Sedona Parnham

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