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Critical Role Celebrity Playlist: Garthok’s Playlist By Jason Charles Miller
Critical RoleCritical Role

Critical Role Celebrity Playlist: Garthok’s Playlist By Jason Charles Miller

In case you haven’t joined the Critter community yet, Critical Role is our Dungeons & Dragons RPG show where a group of geeky voice actors roleplay fantastic and memorable stories. Though they’ve wrapped up their current adventure, the world lives on in the Critical Role sourcebook, our upcoming art book, the Vox Machina comic book, and in song through character playlists, like this one.

Throughout the last campaign, the cast was joined by guests who have played some wonderful characters. Jason Charles Miller, multi-talented performer, Foreververse cast member, and the composer of the Critical Role theme music  joined Vox Machina on their campaign in Critical Role episodes #41 (In Ruins) and #42 (Dangerous Dealings) as Garthok, a half-orc rogue and member of The Clasp, a thieves guild of Tal’Dorei. He’s thoughtfully put together a playlist for Garthok with commentary you can check out below.

Jason Charles Miller – Garthok’s Soundtrack 2017

The Mob Rules – Black Sabbath

Spending a lot of his life on the streets of Emon (after being raised in an Orc tribe until early adulthood), Garthok has seen his share of civil unrest, and he understands the power of the mob.

Heartache – Jamey Johnson

Nothing hits harder than a heartache, and Garthok has seen plenty in his lifetime.  Torn between two cultures, romance has never been easy for him, and he’s only ever fallen in love once.  It did not end well.

The Trooper – Iron Maiden

Combat is Garthok’s true love, and the duplicitous arts of the assassin, his true mistress.

I Don’t Believe in Love – Queensrÿche

Before finding his true calling as an assassin, Garthok tried to give love a chance with Rahetah, a half-orc woman he met from the Shalesteps.  Finally!  Someone just like him, or so he thought.  After 3 weeks of a “long con,” she managed to rob him of all his possessions including his only memory of his father, a magical dagger.

Red Right Hand – Nick Cave

The red right hand is God’s vengeful fist that struck terror into the fallen.  Garthok’s new life as an assassin is like that red hand.  His dedication to the orc god The Ruiner is his primary inspiration.

Natural Born Killer – Jason Charles Miller

Upon joining The Clasp, Garthok’s skills as a killer are keenly noticed by the Spirelings, as he rises quickly through the ranks.

Cuts Like a Knife – Bryan Adams

Garthok likes to cut things.  With knives.  ‘nuff said.

Ace of Spades – Motorhead

Life is a game.  Only the strong survive, but sometimes if the strong are too careless, they can also fall.  Garthok knows as an assassin, one day you are the hunter and the next day you are the hunted.  Sometimes the luck of the draw is the only thing separating life and death.

Purple People Eater – Sheb Wooley

“One eyed, one horned, flying purple people eater.” A humorous tribute to Garthok’s god, The Ruiner.

Waiting for the Thunder – Blackberry Smoke

Life in Tal’Dorei is never predictable.  Strange heroes gallivanting through the countryside, dragons destroying cities, what’s next? Vecna? Garthok’s just waiting for the thunder!

Stay Back – Godhead

Good advice for anyone crossing paths with Garthok.

Perfect Day – Lou Reed

It’s a perfect day…for KILLING!  Garthok is first and foremost an assassin for The Clasp, and any day he can further his accomplishments of killing, is simply a perfect day.

Make sure you keep tuning in to Critical Role every Thursday night at 7pm PT! We’ll have one-shot episodes throughout the rest of the year before the new campaign begins in 2018.


Featured Image Credit: Thomas Brin @BrinMataujall

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