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Critical Role Answers Your Questions at SDCC!

You still had questions so we’re giving you more answers about Critical Role. Deep in the heart of Comic Con, the full cast emerges to answer your burning questions about what happens in front of the cameras as well as behind the scenes. With the whole cast ready to answer your questions, you came up with some rather unusual ones to see how far this Q&A would go.

If your character were to die, what would you want to play next? If each of your characters were a Pokemon, what would they be? And find out if what happens on the show stays on the show. You’ll pick up DM tips on how to avoid burnout or simply how to avoid killing each other when one of them does something that drives you crazy. This panel has it all. Watch it now!

Well, the panel nearly has everything. You were probably not there, but that can change. You can be a part of the next Critical Role Live happening in Indianapolis in just a couple of days from now. Tickets are on sale now for Saturday, August 6, 2016 (8pm EST) at the Hilbert Circle Theater!

What question would you have for Critical Role? Let us know in the comment section below!

Critical Role

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