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Welcome to Written By A Kid Creativity Camp!

Welcome to Written By A Kid Creativity Camp!

WHO: Kids 0-18, and their parents, guardians, and/or friends and family! WHAT: 8 weeks of fun activities to do with a parent, a friend or on your own, inspired by episodes of Written By A Kid! WHY: A little bird (OK, it was the internet) told us that you are LOVING Written By A Kid and you want to know how you can participate and tell your own stories. So we came up with WBAK Creativity Camp to satisfy the longings of your inner storytellers. We can’t wait to hear what your imaginations have in store, no matter how big a kid you are! WHERE: Creativity Camp is wherever you are! All you need is some paper, a pen or pencil and crayons or markers. WHEN: NOW! Creativity Challenges will be issued every Wednesday, starting August 1 and ending September 19. 8 in all! HOW: Jump in at any time! Click on a link below to view the creative challenge associated with that episode of WBAK! Do as many or as few as you want. BUT…if you choose to accept our Crazy Creativity Challenge and complete all 8 activities, we’ve got some special stuff in store that only people who do all 8 challenges are eligible for!


What is the CRAZY CREATIVITY CHALLENGE? Kids who choose to complete all 8 Creativity Challenges get an exclusive code to download a Written By A Kid Creativity Camp Certificate of Awesome once all 8 challenges are complete. Plus, by signing up and completing a challenge a week you become eligible for special giveaways only available to kids taking the Crazy Creativity Challenge! All you have to do is submit each week’s entry via the entry form provided on each assignment’s page and check the “I’m in the Crazy Creativity Challenge and will be completing all 8 assignments!” box on the form. Ready to get started? Follow the links below for the corresponding week’s challenge! (Each new week’s link will become active once the corresponding video has been released.)

August 1st: La Munkya Challenge – La Munkya needs a new friend (or enemy). Can you create one?

August 8th: Rainbow Town Challenge – Draw a spooky grraaaaaaaaaaveyaaaaaaaarrrrrd ghost!

August 15th: Cold East Challenge – Draw and caption a Wanted poster for Cold East’s newest villain!

August 22nd: Robots Attack the City Challenge – Robots are attacking YOUR city! Make a video speaking out against the new robot  menace!

August 29th: Kendall the Knight Challenge – Xornmetal wasn’t always a bad guy. What made him change?

September 5th: Sorta Friends Challenge – Carolina is a famous mermaid. Write a story about a day in her glamorous life. 

September 12th:  Fire City Challenge – Texeria is an actor as well as a fire chief. Write a dramatic monologue that Texeria could perform. 

September 19th: Ginger Potato Challenge – Potato loves gingerbread men so much, he has a picture of one on his T-shirt. Using the T-shirt picture we provide, draw the thing you love the most, and tell us why.

Critical Role

Critical Role One-Shot: Once Upon A Fairytale Cruise

Critical Role Fan Art Gallery: Art of the Heist

Critical Role Fan Art Gallery: Art of the Heist

Critical Role One-Shot: Trinket's Honey Heist

Critical Role One-Shot: Trinket’s Honey Heist