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Arcade ArmsArcade Arms

Creating A Final Fantasy Polearm – Behind the Scenes of Ep 2 Arcade Arms

Director Adam Lawson, Craig Johnson from Arms & Armor and Brad Schaive of USA Knights go behind the scenes in the making of the Final Fantasy Polearm: Gae Bolg.

In Arcade Arms Nika brings gaming into real life by taking the most potent digital weapons, from Final Fantasy XIV’s Gae Bolg to Elder Scrolls Online’s Mace of Molag Bal, and smashing things with their real life counterparts.

Executive Producers: Adam Lawson and Ari Weiner

Executive Prod: Sheri Bryant and Felicia Day Director & Writer: Adam Lawson Producer: Ari Weiner, Ryan Copple Cinematographer: Dallas Sterling Production Designer: Mikki Mamaril Editor: Ryan Cooper Host: Nika Harper Forge Master: Craig Johnson – Weapon Expert: Brad Schaive Production Company: The Failed Superheroes Club

Special Thanks: The USA Knights –


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