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Counting Down The Top Five Marvel Post-Credits Scenes

Counting Down The Top Five Marvel Post-Credits Scenes

With Doctor Strange coming this November, we have some time to reflect on the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and the shakeups caused during the most recent outing in Captain America: Civil War.

In the post-credit scenes, heroes from different films have come together for some silly fun, serious foreshadowing, elegiac denouements, rare oddities, and everything in-between. There are nearly twenty of these post-credits scenes to choose from, but there are five that feel truly earth-shaking, full of life, and the best that Marvel has to offer. Let’s count down the top five right now.

5. Thanos Courting Death (The Avengers)


In the first mid-credits scene at the end of The Avengers, one of the ultimate Marvel baddies is revealed. Thanos, a powerful purple space lord merely grins at his servant’s insistence that Earth is much more of a challenge than he initially thought (Loki did lose the fight in Avengers after all). Thanos, like Marvel, is in for the long game.

With Thanos’s subsequent appearances in Guardians Of The Galaxy and a post-credits scene in The Avengers: Age Of Ultron, he is poised to finally strike out at the Avengers in the still unnamed Avengers Infinity War Part I and Part II, coming in 2018 and 2019 respectively. With that evil grin, it dawned on audiences that the MCU was just beginning to heat up.

4. Shawarma Hang Out Sesh (The Avengers)


The other post-credits scene in The Avengers is much lighter in tone. Near the end of the film Tony Stark makes a quip about taking a day off and going to a shawarma joint to celebrate, and what do you know, these heroes actually go! In this scene filmed AFTER the premiere; Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Thor, and Bruce Banner all sit around a table eating silently. Despite their super circumstances they still have to eat and drink, relax, and unwind. Moments of levity like this go a long way, and Marvel knows that even in the darkest hour there must be some light.

3. Nick Fury & The Avengers Initiative (Iron Man)


This is the scene that started it all. In the first post-credits scene after Iron Man, S.H.I.E.L.D. director Nick Fury approaches Tony Stark scoffing at his ‘coming out’ party as Iron Man and tells him he’s not the only superhero out there. Then Fury tells him about the existence of the Avengers Initiative (creating a team of superheroes). The roof exploded in 2008 when this audiences first saw it, but even in 2016, I still get chills. Look how far we’ve come to get to a film like Captain America: Civil War and beyond. This scene’s potential has played out better than we ever could have imagined.

2. The Wasp Reveal (Ant-Man)


“It’s about damn time,” says Hope Van Dyne (daughter of Hank Pym aka the original Ant-Man), at seeing her father’s gift, a new super suit, bestowing the mantle of The Wasp unto her. If previous post-credits sequences hinted at moments that would eventually be fulfilled, this post-credits scene at the end of last year’s Ant-Man man is a rallying cry for the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With women and people of color leading their own films in phase 3 (Black Panther in 2018 and Captain Marvel in 2019), Hope Van Dyne is set to star alongside Ant-Man equally in Ant-Man And The Wasp in 2018. I’m crossing my fingers we get even more commitments to diversity (*cough solo Black Widow movie) in the MCU. The ball is in your court Marvel. You can make it happen.

1. Dancing Groot (Guardians Of The Galaxy)


Nothing captured our hearts more than anthropomorphized tree Groot did in 2014’s Guardians Of The Galaxy. Blasted into oblivion saving his teammates, Rocket Raccoon gathers what’s left of Groot and replants him in a little pot at the end of the film. Cut to the mid-credits scene and Groot has returned in an adorable chibi form as a tiny sapling dancing to Jackson 5’s “I Want You Back.” This scene is my absolute favorite because, in this serialized form of blockbuster filmmaking created by the MCU, the scene allows the audience to stop thinking about what came before and what comes next and just allows us to focus on the present moment and enjoy the pure magic of cinema. We are Groot, indeed.

What are your favorite post-credits scenes in the MCU? What Marvel film are you excited for next? What did you think of Captain America: Civil War? Let us know in the comments below!

Feature Image Credit: Marvel/Disney

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