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Community Spotlight: 3 Amazing Veterans In The Geek & Sundry Community

Community Spotlight: 3 Amazing Veterans In The Geek & Sundry Community

Today is Veteran’s Day, Armistice Day, or Remembrance Day, depending on where you are in the world. No matter what’ it’s called, the eleventh day of the eleventh month of each year is a day where many people reflect and remember the service and sacrifice of those who serve their nation. As part of our observation and reflection, we at Geek & Sundry in partnership with Stack Up (a charity that brings together veteran and civilian supporters to help veterans) wanted to spotlight some of the incredible community members who have served, as a way of saying thank you.

Timothy Regan – US Navy Veteran

Tim VA

Meet Timothy Regan. He’s a miniature wargamer (collecting and playing Warmachine), a video gamer (and a particular fan of Fallout and XCOM), and a tabletop gamer who has been playing D&D since he was nine years old. He also has spent 9 years, 7 months and 17 days in the service of his country, joining the Navy on May 13, 2003.  As he tells his story: “I was lucky enough to receive training as a Nuclear Operator and spent just under 2 years in the Charleston, SC area in training. I graduated as a Nuclear Electrician’s Mate 3rd Class, this was one of the most challenging academic environments I have ever been in. It combines military discipline with a schoolhouse environment.”

When asked what he was most proud of during his service, he replied, “Becoming Submarine Qualified meant a lot to me.” Tim spent five and a half years serving on the USS Tucson SSN 770, and as he describes it, “I am very proud of much of the work we did on board the ship”. For his service, Tim has been awarded three Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medals and three  Navy Good Conduct Medals amongst other medals and awards.

Tim came into the community from the early days, catching episodes of The Guild on YouTube, and tunes in on Alpha, for his favorite shows, GM Tips with Satine Phoenix and Critical Role. You can find him online on Twitter (@timreganisgreat), Instagram (willfall762), and Xbox Live (blacklabelbeer).

Michael Sinclair II – US Navy

Michael VA

Michael Sinclair was a geek before he could even speak, playing games of Super Mario Bros. when he was as young as 2 years of age. Since then, his geeky interests have spread to enjoying anime, streaming on Twitch, playing tabletop games, and specifically DM’ing Dungeons & Dragons games. He’s even recently picked up comic collecting. He served 8 years as a Navy Corpsman (medic) alongside Marines and sailors of the US Navy, describing his tours: “I have had four deployments: The Persian Gulf on a Navy Destroyer; Kandahar, Afghanistan in a combat hospital; and two deployments to Japan along with other Pacific countries.”

For him, service as a medic meant he was able to able to take care of battlefield casualties coming from all over Afghanistan to Kandahar – he describes it as an accomplishment he is proud of, “knowing that I was in direct influence in saving service members’ lives.” He also passed the Marine Corps Sniper Platoon indoctrination and was able to serve as their medic for two years.

Michael has been a part of the Geek & Sundry community, watching vintage shows such as The Guild and Co-Optitude. “Now the Geek & Sundry content I consume is Critical Role, Ask Your Black Geek Friend and other shows.” Michael admires many of our on-screen personalities, stating that Critical Role & Matthew Mercer are an inspiration for him as a DM: “I first started DM’ing on my last deployment playing my Homebrew D&D campaign and playing it through three different countries while on deployment.”  He also described his admiration for Travis Willingham, “because of #JocksMachina and for taking time on the show occasionally to shout out to veterans and doing charities out there for us.” Finally, he appreciates the work of Damion Poitier and B. Dave Walters from Ask Your Black Geek Friend as they “make me feel empowered to be my authentic black nerdy self and for inspiring change out there.”

You can find Michael on Twitter (@michaelcrits) and Instagram (michaelcrits).

Jim Moreno – US Army

Jim VA

Jim has been writing for Geek & Sundry as a contributor since 2016, helping our community with his incredible insights on roleplaying games. With articles that help players create interesting characters and to guides for GMs on a variety of topics, it’s fair to say he’s helped many fans of roleplaying games through his editorial contributions. As he described his passions, “I love all types of gaming, for sure, with video and tabletop gaming top of the list. Played my first video game in 1977 (Pong), and started D&D in 1980.”

He enlisted early in his adult life: “I entered the U.S. Army in 1988, 4 weeks after graduating from high school. I served with the 82nd Airborne Division at Ft. Bragg, North Carolina, and then with the Army National Guard in Raleigh, NC.” For him, the experience of service had a huge impact on his life. ” I was just a small kid from small-town Alabama when I joined the Army. During my tour of duty, I visited 22 foreign countries and 25 American states. The experience broadened my mind and heart to people and life all over the world. I had adventures and friends in the Army that I could not have anywhere else.”

Jim admires Felicia Day and came to Geek & Sundry through her. “I followed the outstanding Felicia Day from [Buffy the Vampire Slayerto The Guild to Geek & Sundry, and have been absolutely impressed with everything she has done. I loved what she was doing for us geeks,” he said.  You probably guessed his favorite Geek & Sundry show: “Critical Role, of course. In 1980, I never imagined or dreamed this kind of show would even exist now, or even that it would be and do all that it is, not only for D&D, but for all geekdom.”

You can find Jim on Twitter (@jimmoreno) and Google+ (+JimMoreno).

To all veterans in our community: we at Geek & Sundry thank you for your service and for inspiring us. 

Founded in 2015, Stack-Up is a charity that brings both veterans and civilian supporters together through a shared love of video gaming through three primary programs: The Stacks, Supply Crates, and Air Assaults. Stack-Up helps United States, NATO (UK, Canada, etc.), Australian and New Zealand veterans get through deployments to combat zones and recover from traumatic physical and emotional injuries with the power of video gaming. To find out more about more about the organization and to donate, visit

Featured Image Credits: Michael Sinclair II

Image Credits: Tim Reagan, Michael Sinclair II, Jim Moreno


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