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Comic-Con Panel with Rob Lowe: Welcome to Moonbeam City

I literally could not be more excited for Rob Lowe taking the stage at Conival this year to talk about Moonbeam City, a new animated series coming to Comedy Central. Premiering after South Park, Rob plays Dazzle Novak in this nod to the 80’s and set in the future. It will all make sense when you watch it. Trust us.

Rob Lowe describes the show as “Miami Vice gone horribly wrong” as he plays a cop in the most violent city in America, Moonbeam City. The voices of Elizabeth Banks, Kate Mara, and Will Forte bring in the star power as Dazzle Novak tries to rid the streets of crime, only to cause more disasters in his wake.

The actor talks about doing comedy as well as some of his more serious roles. We find out what drew him into his first animated series as well as some of the things you’ll see on the show. One of them involves Susan Sarandon voicing a prison, as in the actual building. You’re never going to guess what happens. Never.

If you are Comic-Con, swing by the Conival in Petco Park to check out more interviews, events, and grab some exclusive items that you can only get there.

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