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Comic Book Shops Across the US You Need to Visit

Comic Book Shops Across the US You Need to Visit

Finding a great comic book store is a key part of any fan’s life. It can be easy to find a store you love and stick with it until the end of time. However, there are TONS of great stores across the country that offer their own unique experiences and make any comic fan’s life a bit richer for visiting. Akin to how some baseball fans travel the country to watch a game in a different ball park, I submit that comic fans should travel the country—and the globe—visiting new shops. To get you started on your comics pilgrimage, I’ve compiled a list of a few stores that I think all comic fans should visit.

Crescent City Comics in New Orleans

crescent city comics

 No visit to NOLA is complete without a stop at Crescent City. In addition to the comic stock you’d expect to see, the store also features New Orleans-focused comics and non-superhero comics and graphic novels. They also branch out a bit beyond the books, stocking shirts, collectibles, and gaming gear, too. The store strives to be an experience rather than simply just a shop, hosting fun events like holiday shindigs and even the occasional release party.

Atomic Books in Baltimore

Atomic Bookstore

Atomic Books is great because it is not only a store with a strong stock of comics, but also a strong stock of regular books. It carries POP! Funko figurines, shirts, and other miscellaneous items. Perhaps more exciting, though, is the art gallery up in Eightbar—the shop’s cozy lounge—that features various works of art in addition to drinks to keep you occupied and hydrated (sorta). So with sustenance and books, I’m really not seeing a reason you’d ever need to leave this store.

Meltdown Comics in LA

Meltdown Comics

Meltdown Comics is unique because in addition to its comics and collectibles selection, the shop also has a regular podcast called the MeltCast, in addition to various comedy nights (like the NerdMelt with our buds over at Nerdist). Meltdown is cool because it has WAY more to offer than just comic book shopping—it’s truly a whole experience.

Forbidden Planet in NYC

Forbidden Planet

This store’s design alone makes it cool, but in addition to being pretty, Forbidden Planet also boasts a wide selection of comics (vintage, modern, imported, you name it, they’ve got it), great gaming gear, and some truly unique collectibles (like some of the statues and figurines pictured above). Plus, I’ve heard rumors of a Captain America doorhandle and a skinless T-800 by the door. So, y’know, go already.

Midtown Comics in NYC


Another Manhattan icon, Midtown Comics is a behemoth in the community with a direct line to Marvel. So even though this store might not give you the smaller, more personalized shopping experience you’d get from a smaller shop, it’s such a formidable presence in comics that you can’t NOT visit Midtown at least once in your life.

Secret Headquarters in LA

Secret Headquarters
Secret Headquarters is a unique little gem in LA, and truly a secret headquarters for comic lovers. The store buys comics, sells ’em, and also takes submissions from artists for the store to sell. Seriously. They have a spot on their website where you can submit your work—or you can walk right into the store and hand it to them. It might take them time to get back with you, but they will. It’s also unique because its focus isn’t solely on selling Marvel/DC gear, but rather creating an environment and promoting local talent.

Arcane Comics in Seattle

With a friendly and knowledgeable staff, Arcane is a great addition to any cross-country comics expedition. The store is organized, clean, and they have a great stock of comics—not to mention they promote local artists as well. Their website also offers additional suggestions, artist spotlights, and an up-to-date new release calendar (these guys boast the best subscription service in town). Plus, they’re always willing to help you find what you’re looking for—even if you’re not totally sure what that is.

Austin Books and Comics in Austin


This store has been referred to as the Alexandria Library of Comics. No lie. If you have a need for anything comics-related, chances are strong that you’ll find it in this Austin behemoth. Not only do they have tons of comics, collectibles, clothes, and anything else you could imagine, they also host totally awesome events like a Fables wake, meet-and-greets with people like Ernest Cline, and other author signings. Plus, the store’s huge size is also just overwhelmingly beautiful.

Floating World in Portland

Located in downtown Portland, Floating World carries any comic book you’d ever want as well as art books. The store is basically a hub for creative types, even boasting a gallery with First Thursday art openings and publishing their own art books and comics. The store is more about the experience of reading rather than stuffing your shelves with issues you’ll never touch, so the workers encourage you to engage with the products. Plus, if you’re feeling things get a bit too quiet, you can scoot over to the connected record store, Landfill Rescue Unit.

Mile High Comics in Denver


Mile High happens to be one of the largest comics dealers in the country (as you can see from their logo), and they are hands-down the biggest shop in Denver. With three branches in the Denver area alone, this is the shop to beat in perhaps all of Colorado. Not only does Mile High offer comics and collectibles, but they also offer gaming supplies and host tournaments. Plus, you get to do your comic book shopping with the backdrop of the Rocky Mountains, which makes everything more awesome. Right?

What are some of the comic book stores across the country and across the world that you want to visit? What are some stores that you think other people need to visit? Add to the travel list in the comments! 

Image Credits:, Mike Lee/, Justin Sewell/, Eden, Janine, and Jim/, Jacky Cheong/, Allan Ferguson/, Cory Doctorow/,,, Richard Eriksson/, Mile High Comics/
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