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How to Pack for the College of Wizardry

Friend of Geek & Sundry, Bob Macauley stopped by our studios to show us what he had stowed away in his suitcase on his way to the College of Wizardry. Yup, the College of Wizardry.

Based in the Harry Potter, the College of Wizardry is a four-day LARP event that takes place in Poland. You can basically act out your dream of being a pupil in the a wicked cool castle. Attracting over 130 people, you can attend classes, play games, meet fellow LARP and HP nerds.

Here’s what Bob took with him on his trip:

  • 1 writing quill
  • 1 writing journal that’s definitely not a Horcrux
  • 2 pair English style trouser
  • 3 dark long sleeve shirts that make me look like the bad guy I am
  • 3 colorful ties that just scream ‘don’t mess with me or you’ll end up with a mouth full of slugs’
  • 4 pair self-warming dragon hide underwear to keep my precious bits nice and toasty in the drafty castle
  • 1 bottle of Dragon’s Blood (AKA: Fireball) which I plan to drink merrily and share
  • 1 bottle of Eye of Newt (AKA: Jagermeister) which I also plan to drink merrily and share
  • 1 enchanted watch that counts down the minutes until my next embarrassing moment (currently reads 4 minutes)
  • 1 wizard’s wand. 13″, Cherry Wood with a Unicorn Hair core. Especially good for assisting in the brewing of love potions
  • 1 enchanted ‘centaur leather’ wand holder made to make my wand look bigger than it is. Not that wand size matters…
  • 1 house scarf
  • 1 wizard’s robes
  • 100 galleons spending money that definitely won’t be used for betting on Quidditch matches and bribing students to do my classwork for me
  • 1 Senior Level Auror Class Schedule (Consists of Defense the Dark Arts, Charms, Physical Defense, and Potions)

Pretty magical, right? To support the College of Wizardry, check out their Indiegogo!

What would you classes would you take as a witch/wizard in training?

Photo Credit: College of Wizardry

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