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Co-Optitude: Where in Time Is Carmen Sandiego

They have the loot, the warrant, and the right look on this episode of Co-Optitude. Felicia and Ryon travel back in time for a game that they actually played when they were younger, Where in Time Is Carmen Sandiego.

We follow the esteemed Detective – you really need to watch the video for this name – into the future to find the missing Peruvian artifact. The Day siblings burn through modern history timeline as they chase after their suspect. Grab your Chronoskimmer and make every choice count. Even with a time machine, you’ll find the hours ticking away. Gumshoes, it will be up to you to piece all the clues together, interrogate witnesses, and send out your capture bot if you want to return the timeline back to its rightful place.

Felicia and Ryon may know where to find Carmen, but do they know who painted “The Bath?” Brush up on your impressionist painters and your classic literature if you want to beat these two detectives to the crook.

Tune in to Felicia and Ryon’s Twitch channels to catch them playing games throughout the week, and be sure to tune in to Geek & Sundry’s Twitch to watch more let’s plays.

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