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Co-Optitude: Shovel Knight Co-Op (with guest co-host Josephine McAdam!)

The Daring Day Duo has returned. But wait! That’s not Felicia, it’s Josephine McAdam, Geek & Sundry Twitch host extraordinaire! In her first appearance, the great Jim dons her helmet and trusty shovel to protect all that is good.

In Felicia’s absence, Ryon and Josephine team up to play the deceptively retro, totally modern side-scrolling platformer, Shovel Knight Co-Op! So sit back and relax as the two jump, collect hobo bags, and dig their way to justice. In true Co-Optitude fashion, any chance our heroes had to die, they took it! But fear not, it was actually a really hard game. Nothing like those easy games that they normally play on this show.

All that digging for justice stuff getting you thirsty? Need a place to store your beverage of choice while you drink it? You could hold it in your hands, but that makes it a little hard to play video games. Check out the Geek & Sundry store to find things like this awesome Co-Optitude mug, which you can fill with your favorite drinkable drink, like the Ichor of Renewal… or water… or something. Water is good for your health.


Let us know which indie/and or other crazy games you’d like to see on Co-Optitude, as well as your favorite ones so far!

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