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Co-Optitude: New Super Mario Bros. U

Its-a me, Mario! Actually, that’s a total lie. There is no one here named Mario. But it’s time for Co-Optitude! This week Ryon Day (who normally plays with his sister Felicia) is joined by the amazing Josephine McAdam! Naturally, hilarity ensues.

The daring not-Day duo take on the roles of another daring duo–the Mario brothers–in this cooperative continuation of the classic Super Mario Bros. series. Somehow, the two manage to make the game more competitive than originally intended, but are surprisingly, not terrible at the game!

All that Goomba-squashing getting you thirsty? Does saving the Mushroom Kingdom make you parched? Need a place to store your beverage of choice while you drink it? You could hold it in your hands, but that makes it a little hard to play video games. Check out the Geek & Sundry store to find things like this super awesome Co-Optitude mug, which you can fill with your favorite drinkable drinks, like Healthy Juice or Koopa tea. Or water. Water is good for your health.


Let us know which indie/and or other crazy games you’d like to see on Co-Optitude, as well as your favorite ones so far!

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