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Co-Optitude: Job Simulator

It’s baaaaaaaccckkk! After an eternity in internet years, Felicia and Ryon Day return with a new episode of Co-Optitude! They’ve really had some time to think about their life choices, and finally realized the fact that they should probably get jobs or something.

Since it’s not like anyone at Geek & Sundry works in a “real” office, Ryon and Felicia plug in the new-fangled VR system and suit up to play some Job Simulator. In this complete-immersion, totally accurate job simulation program, the Daring Day Duo try everything from being a convenience store clerk to a classic desk jockey. With their fancy business suits and knowledge of other business stuff, they’re sure to succeed!

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G&S GiftCard

Let us know which indie/and or other crazy games you’d like to see on Co-Optitude. And hey, now that we’re diverging into VR, which virtual reality games would you love to see Felicia and Ryon play? Let us know in the comments below!

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