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Co-Optitude: Guild of Dungeoneering

You’re tearing me apart, Felicia! Don’t worry, you didn’t stumble in on a screening of The Room, but you did happen to find the next episode of Co-Optitude!

Co-Optitude is back after a short break, and this time around, Felicia and Ryon are playing Guild of Dungeoneering. The Day siblings find it hard to manage a guild together, though, since no matter how hard they try to better their guild hall, they just never see eye to eye. Luckily, they’ve got each other’s backs on the guild-member-naming-front.

Both Ryon and Felicia really dug this game and gave it a pretty spectacular score:

Rating: 50 invisible boxes and a rope to nowhere (In mime terms, that’s absolutely amazing.)

Did you love watching Ryon and Felicia play Guild of Dungeoneering? Check out their Twitch channels, where you can hopefully catch them playing it again.
Felicia’s Twitch
Ryon’s Twitch

Also, if you know what “Ad Praesens ava cras pullis sunt meliora” means, let us know in the comments since we still haven’t figured it out.

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