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Co-Optitude: Catherine with Guest Hosts Jessica Marzipan and Hector Navarro

In this fairly NSFW episode, join special guest hosts Jessica Marzipan and Hector Sheep-varro as they journey deep into the subconscious of Vincent Brooks, where all the men are sheep and all the women are very… well rounded. This week on Co-Optitude, Hector and Jess are playing Catherine! Will our daring duo help Vincent overcome all the “blocks” in his life? Only if they’re literal blocks, and even then, they’re more likely to be viciously murdered than make it out alive. And as a public service, Hector and Jessica also offer a great (and by great, we mean absolutely terrible) example on how to speak to your elders.

Overall, Hector and Jessica found this game very interesting and rated it 10 Skeedles out of 9 Skeedadles and 10 pairs of silky, clean underwear respectively. Played Catherine before? Let us know what you’d rate it in the comments below!

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Felicia and Ryon are still off adventuring…or pooping…but will be back soon! To keep up with their escapades, make sure to follow them on the social medias.

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Want to watch our guest hosts play (occasionally) less insane games? Keep up with Hector Navarro and Jessica Marzipan on Geek & Sundry’s Twitch channel!

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