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Classic Monster Everyday Cosplay

Classic Monster Everyday Cosplay

Halloween less than a week away, and while everyone is planning what costume they’ll be wearing this year, maybe start thinking about what you can bring into your everyday life. While you can go on a horror movie binge or read your favorite scary book, why not bring some spookiness into your everyday fashion choices with some monster and villain inspired everyday cosplay? I’ve pulled together a few looks inspired by a few of horror’s most notorious monsters, creatures, and bad guys that will help you bring some spooky fun into your everyday life.


The basic appearance of a werewolf varies depending on what werewolf lore you adhere to, but the basic tenant (usually) remains the same: big and furry monster ruled by the moon. With this look, you can bring some werewolf energy into your everyday life, without having that embarrassing side effect of morphing into a wolf and bursting through all of your clothes.

Everyday Werewolf

Everyday Werewolf by kendall-ashley featuring a black tunic

Moto jacket
$61 –

Long pants

Muk Luks knit boots

Steel ring
$76 –


With vampires like Edward Cullen and Damon Salvatore running around, people often forget about creepy ol’ Nosferatu. While this will get you pretty close to Nosferatu’s look, if you really want to drive it home, you’ll have to supply that vampiric glow, pointy ears, and long nails yourself.

Everyday Nosferatu

Everyday Nosferatu by kendall-ashley featuring apple watches

Freddy Krueger

This is the perfect way to pay tribute to your favorite dream-invading monster, while also being ready for crisp fall weather. Plus, it’s like Spongebob always says, “the best time to wear a striped sweater is all the time…”

Everyday Freddy Krueger

Everyday Freddy Krueger by kendall-ashley featuring mid-calf boots

DKNY sweater
$92 –

Ponte pants

Georgini cz ring
$64 –

Ted Baker fedora hat
$75 –

Jason Voorhees

Unfortunately, there is literally no chill way to wear a creepy, old-timey hockey mask without looking like a murderous villain. So look like a less menacing, more fashionable Jason with some sleek shades! Leave the weaponry at home, please.

Everyday Jason Voorhees

Everyday Jason Voorhees by kendall-ashley featuring white wayfarer sunglasses


Who are some of your favorite monsters and villains of horror? Let us know, and let us know any monster everyday cosplay you’ve tried recently in the comments!

Image credit: Nosferatu/

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