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Check Out MAC’s Star Trek-Inspired Makeup Tutorials

Check Out MAC’s Star Trek-Inspired Makeup Tutorials

We’ve previously told you about how, with Star Trek’s much celebrated 50th Anniversary, makeup institution M.A.C. has released a limited edition line of Star Trek-inspired makeup.  Much to my own personal excitement, to go with the Federation insignia-clad products, MAC has collaborated with YouTube makeup guru Chrisspy to create 4 looks of iconic Trek characters: Vina, Uhura, Deanna Troi and Seven of Nine.

Whether you’re just watching to see how these cool looks come together, or you’re looking at the products and wanting to see the colours as they’d appear on skin (super helpful for people like myself who are shopping doing research.)  Personally, I am a little disappointed that there was no Jadzia/Ezri Dax tutorial (as my brown eyeliner spots could totally be improved with a makeup guru’s tips). That said, the videos are super cool. Check them out!

Vina (AKA The Green Alien Lady)

Because MAC’s line is made for professional makeup artists, many of whom work in television and movies, it’s no surprise that MAC has products to make a person green (Chrisspy uses MAC’s Chromacake in two shades as her foundation and highlight.) While it may not be a great everyday look, it’s pretty awesome to check out the transformation.

 Lieutenant Uhura (OS)

Uhura’s look is a fantastic foundation for a wearable daytime look for work (sans fake lashes or fancy dotted flourishes), whether that’s an office or a communication station aboard a starship. One of the nice things about this look is that while it’s not overly dramatic, it is pretty and refined.

Counsellor Deanna Troi

Picking the least horrible hairstyle for Deanna throughout the series to showcase this look (the one that is neither a poodle perm or a ballerina bun on the very top of the head), the look Chrisspy puts together for Deanna is a fantastic evening look with heavy contouring, dramatic eyes and emphasized full and pouty lips (you know, because Deanna is always sensing so much pain.)  Further warning: you may not want to ever be at the helm of a vehicle or Starship when sporting the Deanna Troi, since she has a track record for crashing the Enterprise.

Seven Of Nine

The foundation for the look (before the prosthetics get added on) is such pretty look but the video is fantastic to watch how Chrisspy not only puts the look together but also corrects mistakes, which is super encouraging to those of us who barely know how to keep lipstick on our lips. While you may never wear the look, it’s a fun tutorial to watch if only to see how it organically comes together.

The whole makeup line is available online and at MAC counters and stores while supplies last. I highly recommend you check out the products, if only to see the product names. I know I personally squeed at a lipstick called Where No Man Has Gone Before, the lipgloss named Set To Stun, the eyeshadow called To Boldly Go, and a face powder named Highly Illogical.  

Which look do you like best? Let us know in the comments below!

Featured Image Credit: M.A.C. Cosmetics | YouTube (Fair Use)

Teri Litorco is a Geek & Sundry vlogger turned blogger, and a huge Star Trek geek who co-hosts the weekly Twitter chat #StarTrekHour alongside Riker Googling mastermind Joe Sondow. You can sometimes find her posting selfies of her own attempts of Star Trek-inspired makeup (and other Star Trek related fangirling) on her social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. She’s always happy to get into debates about which Dax was the best Dax (#teamEzri).

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