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Charlize Leads the Pack, But Who Else Could Surprise Us as Captain Marvel?

Charlize Leads the Pack, But Who Else Could Surprise Us as Captain Marvel?

When it comes to the upcoming Captain Marvel movie casting, there haven’t been too many developments from Marvel, but the internet has taken over with fantasy casting. At the moment, Charlize Theron seems to be the fans’ front-runner, with Natalie Dormer and Kathryn Winnick also in the mix. From solely a looks-related standpoint, all 3 women could pull off the Carol Danvers role with ease — and they’re all strong actresses with a flair for action. But what if Marvel goes in a different direction? Think about it. Did YOU expect Chris Pratt to be cast as Star Lord? Was Chris Evans always the Captain America of your dreams, realized? Marvel’s known for shocking us with interesting, yet hugely successful casting choices. So we’re going to try and throw some names into ring that you might not have been expecting!

brittany snow

Image Credit: Brittany Snow

Brittany Snow

If Marvel is looking for a well-rounded actress with comedy and drama chops — which seems to be a common route — then Brittany Snow falls into that category for sure. She’s recently taken her previous film and television successes and propelled herself into the spotlight in the Pitch Perfect movies. Her ability to play lighthearted and intense scenes makes her a prime candidate Marvel should definitely have their eyes on if they want someone who plays well on-screen with the other large, versatile actors that currently make up the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Emma Stone

Image Credit: Emma Stone

Emma Stone

Ok, hear us out on this one, because it might make perfect sense to you at the end. Sure, Emma Stone was phenomenal as Gwen Stacy in The Amazing Spider-Man movies, but as Marvel has proven before with Chris Evans, they aren’t afraid of using actors from their Fox and Sony properties in their own cinematic world. Emma’s a great actress with an ability to hold her own with some of the strongest actors in the business. The only thing that might hold her back? Her boyfriend Andrew Garfield might not appreciate her flying around with another Spider-Man.

chloe grace moretz

Image Credit: Chloe Grace-Moretz

Chloe Grace-Moretz

While she might not be the age Marvel is looking for, Chloe Grace-Moretz is already an established veteran in the comic book movie world. Her portrayal as Hit Girl in the Kick-Ass series helped propel her career at a young age, and she’s only gotten better. If Marvel was looking at locking down an actress for the long run, Moretz would be the best option. She’d even be able to entertain us as Captain Marvel for as long as Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine run…who knows?

Gina Carano

Image Credit: Gina Carano/Fickr

Gina Carano

While she doesn’t have the most acting experience on the list, we honestly just want to see Gina Carano put on a superhero outfit and kick some butt. Is that too hard to ask? She’s a former MMA fighter with a set of beatdown skills that would make most of the current Avengers green with envy (sorry, Bruce). If you need further convincing, check out Gina Carano in Haywire, where she gives a performance that puts most of the Jason Bourne fight scenes to shame.

emilia clarke

Image Credit: Emilia Clarke

Emilia Clarke

Why not give Emilia Clarke the chance to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe? We love her on Game of Thrones, and can’t wait to see her put the Terminator franchise on her shoulders. How could Marvel be much harder than that? Just tint Daenerys’ hair a few shades down, and we think you’ve got a pretty impressive Carol Danvers.

anna kendrick

Image Credit: Anna Kendrick

Anna Kendrick

This might be the most unexpected, but also the most perfect choice on the list (not that we’re biased since it’s our personal opinion or anything). Anna Kendrick is America’s current sweetheart and is loved by men and women alike. Her successful run of recent movies has shown that she has what it takes to lead a feature film. She’s got the sarcastic comedy stuff down, and she convinced us with her dramatic acting in Up in the Air, alongside George Clooney. Come on, Marvel. Surprise everyone and make this happen.

Who’s your pick to play Captain Marvel?  Let us know in the comments!




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