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Celebrate the Return of Game of Thrones With These Inspired Designs

Celebrate the Return of Game of Thrones With These Inspired Designs

Game of Thrones (GOT) returns to HBO! Why not add a little of your favorite character’s style to your look? These Etsy crafters have created gorgeous pieces that will transport your premiere night outfit straight into Westeros. Just be careful or ol’ George will mistake you for a character and you know what he does to those…

Daenerys Targaryen, Mother of Dragons, often appears in long flowing gowns with awesome accessories. This silver plated brass torc, by AMonSeulDesir, really captures the power of her dreaded scaled children while the white mother of pearl Cabochon gives the piece the delicate beauty that would look amazing with a long, white Daenerys’ wig.

DaenerysnecklaceImage Credit: AMonSeulDesir/Etsy

Melisandre of Asshai, the Red Woman, always wears the signature color of her god, R’hllor, Lord of Light. This hooded gown by Rosemortem, lends itself to the mystery of the red witch. Wear this to the show’s return and everyone will be watching the shadows nervously.

Image Credit:Rosemortem/Etsy

Oh Eddard Stark, some of us still mourn you. To honor the fallen head of the Stark family (sorry for the pun), SanSanAtelier’s Hand of the King brass tie clip is a subtle, yet elegant way to add a little something to your outfit. Make sure to tighten the knot on your tie if you are bingeing the previous seasons for the first time.

handImage Credit: SanSanAtelier/Etsy

Sansa Stark is a woman of taste. I can’t help but think this gown represents the beauty she seeks to surround herself with crossed with the history of her family. No need to worry though. No dire wolves were hurt to create this dress. DressArtMystery uses fake fur for the collar and trim to give the outfit a more northern feel. While it is not the powerful statement piece from Sansa’s crow dress, this harkens back to a more peaceful time in her life.

Image Credit: DressArtMystery/Etsy

Who doesn’t love Tyrion Lannister’s sharp wit and even sharper style. CostumesbyAly has created this leather vest that would look just as good at a renaissance fair as it would at your next GOT party. The super cool thing about this vest is that you can get it in a variety of leathers including snake and alligator! Don your doublet and lord over the premier party in classic Lannister style.

tyrionvestImage Credit: CostumesbyAly/Etsy

Looking to add a little more Lannister pride to your outfit? How about a crown fit for Cersei?AyaLovelyJewelry created this beautiful piece out of Brass plated bronze, rhinestone & glass cabochons. The jewels can also be subbed out for your favorite color. With this atop your head, you’ll have the confidence to command your fellow fans to bring you chips and a tankard of soda during the show. Just don’t abuse your new found power too much.

cerseiImage Credit: AyaLovelyJewelry

While I’ll be throwing on my favorite PJ’s, what will you be wearing to the Game of Thrones premiere? Do you have any favorite costumes from the show? Let us know in the comments below!

Featured Image Credit: HBO

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