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Celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day Like a Geek

Celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day Like a Geek

Forget the green beer. Gamers should celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in the geekiest of ways, surrounded by friends around fun games (instead of strangers who’ll probably throw up on your shoes.) Dive into one of these four options to have an incredible, geeky and thematic game night with these suggestions to infuse the celebration of Irish culture and the spirit of St. Patrick himself.


monster_manual_5e_-_yuan-ti_-_p307For all of the role players out there, get your D&D group ready and embark on an adventure reminiscent of the roots of St. Patrick’s Day; driving out snakes. For newer groups, this can be an easy, one-shot adventure where you come across a village that is just lousy with snakes and banishing them, St. Patrick-style. Pulling from the D&D 5e Monster Manual, there are 6 different types of snake monster (including the terrifying “Swarm of Poisonous Snakes”) that a crafty DM can overrun a village with.

More experienced groups also have options for driving out a snake menace; the Yuan-Ti. For those of you who are not familiar with them, the Yuan-Ti are a race of half human/half serpent creatures. Posing a much more considerable challenge than flying snakes (which are a horrifyingly real thing in D&D), a Yuan-Ti cult conspiracy could be just the thematic experience you need. For extra thematic points, try having your Bard Charm the Yuan-Ti, but be ready with swords and fireballs in case they succeed on their saving throw.



We’ve previously talked about Inis here on Geek & Sundry, so I really only want to talk about why this incredible game is fitting for your St. Patrick’s Day festivities.

Unapologetically set in Ireland and steeped in Celtic mythology, Inis is a great, satisfying game for the group. Requiring some concentration, but not so much that you can’t also be social, Inis manages to tread a fine line between thematic and uncompromisingly strategic. For bonus theme points, grab the player colours that correspond with the Irish flag before someone else has the chance.


Mole Rats

For those of you celebrating with children, Mole Rats in Space is the perfect addition to your night. The premise of this adorable cooperative game is to help your team of mole rats escape their space station that has been infested with snakes (we’re back again with this theme!) It’s an actually fun take on the old (and boring) Snakes & Ladders game – a mandala-style board with ladders and chutes that let you shoot snakes into space.

The components are adorable and the gameplay is reminiscent of Snakes & Ladders but not nearly as frustrating. Being a cooperative game, everyone is working together to get ALL the Mole Rats to the escape pod with the 4 pieces of equipment. The game itself plays in about 20 minutes so make sure you take the time to play it a few times and show those snakes you aren’t afraid of them!



Crossing is another game we’ve talked about on Geek & Sundry but I feel it deserves another mention because of how well it works for your geeky St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. With an aesthetic that is primarily fantasy but flavoured in Celtic mythology with elves and fairies, this game is a light way to touch on Celtic mythology themes.

The simple bluffing mechanics of the game, make this an ideal game for the end of the night. Sleepy kids and inebriated adults are both able to grasp the mechanics and have as much a chance of winning the game as they do of just simply enjoying it.

What games are you planning on playing this St. Patrick’s Day? Let us know in the comments!

Image Credits:  Wizards of the Coast, Teri Litorco

Featured Image Credit: Nathan Pullan

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