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Celebrate National Splurge Day the Geek Way (Because Treating Yo Self’s Important)

Celebrate National Splurge Day the Geek Way (Because Treating Yo Self’s Important)

When October 13th rolls around, Parks and Rec fans know what it means: it’s time to Treat Yo’ Self. And while that day is a marvelous faux-holiday invented by Tom Haverford and Donna Meagle from the Pawnee, Indiana parks department (also known as the television show Parks and Recreation), there’s an actual, real-life equivalent that’s been going on for years: National Splurge Day. And while Tom and Donna like to celebrate their particular day by showering themselves with massages, fragrances, fine leather goods, and clothes, they would be the first ones to tell you that any day where you relish in the finer things in life looks different for everyone. This goes doubly for a day full of splurges when your idea of a good time is less about rolling up in a Benz and more about rolling the 20-sided dice.

Because this particular special day only comes once a year, I’ve compiled a few creative alternatives to the traditional Treat Yo’ Self festivities of shopping and pampering. There’s no wrong way to treat yo’ self and splurge on the good times, after all. So here are a few ideas off the beaten path to get your creative juices flowing:

Get that autograph and photo op. 

It’s comic con season, and buying a pass (and potentially a hotel room) can really drain your bank account. It may seem silly to drop another chunk of change to get yourself an autograph and photo op with you favorite celeb attending the con. At least, on any other day it would seem like that…


Sure, celebrity autographs and photo ops can be pretty pricey, and depending on who the celeb is, you will probably have a good wait in line before you get to actually take your picture/get the autograph. However, it’s totally worth it to get a few minutes (well, seconds is probably more realistic) with your favorite star. Plus, you’ll have that pic forever. Worth it!

Make it a game day. 

It doesn’t matter if it’s tabletop, console, or laser tag. We all have that game or two (or ten, whatevs) that we’ve been wanting to devote a bunch of time to. However, because of work, friends, money, free time, or whatever else, we haven’t gotten to play. Well, friends, today’s your lucky day.

Treat Yoself

You can have a bunch of friends over to play your favorite tabletop games–and maybe also discover some awesome new ones–or you can simply spend a day alone in your favorite comfy pants questing around Skyrim or wreaking havoc in Los Santos. Dealer’s choice. Today’s about you and your gaming needs.

Finally visit that theme park. 

You’re an adult, so you probably shouldn’t hang out at theme parks, right? WRONG.

treat yrself

Whether you decide to head over to Disney donning a totally rad Disneybound outfit, or if you want to experience some of your favorite movies first hand at Universal Studios, you deserve a theme park day. Even if you can’t make it to a major theme park, hanging out at a local theme park, or taking your chances with the slightly sketchy, travelling carnival still makes for a totally fun day.

Celebrate your inner introvert–alone. 

Life can be tough for us introverts, and sometimes it’s hard to explain to our extroverted friends that we need a day to recharge. Even worse, sometimes we can feel badly for needing a bit of time by ourselves. Not today though. You need a day alone, under a blanket, wearing sweatpants all day? You do it, bb!

batman treat yo self

Take some time to read some great books, listen to a podcast or two, start a great Netflix binge, or bake yourself something nice. Either way, take the time you need to recharge your introverted batteries, and do it without feeling badly.

Celebrate Your Inner Extrovert with New Friends! 

Introverts get a lot of press these days, but extroverts still need appreciation, too! Always wanted to jump in your car, take a trip to a new place, make new friends, and make some awesome, new memories? Today’s the day, friends!

BH Treat Yoself

Pick a place on the map, jump in your car, on a train, or a bike and head out on your adventure. Take lots of pictures, try lots of new food, see lots of new places, but most of all, make lots of new friends. You don’t need to feel badly for your love of people, new experiences, and your ability to amaze your introverted friends by thriving in a conversation driven by small-talk. Today’s about you and letting that extrovert flag fly.

Take a spooky, stateside road trip. 

Always wanted to go on a drive around the country, visiting popular haunted and creepy locations? A trip like that can be tough to justify, and may even seem childish and indulgent–but not today, friends! You want to travel around the country experiencing real haunts and locales that inspired your favorite horror movies?

Treat Yo Self

American horror lovers have far less to choose from than European horror buffs, but you can still get your horror fix while staying stateside by visiting places like the Lizzie Borden B&B, Waverly Hills Sanitorium, the remains of the Danvers State Hospital, the Amityville House, The Stanley Hotel, and the LaLaurie Mansion.

What are some of your non-traditional ideas for treating yourself for National Splurge Day? Let me know in the comments! 

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