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Celebrate National Coloring Book Day With These Unusual Picks

Celebrate National Coloring Book Day With These Unusual Picks

August 2nd is National Coloring Book Day. You may think adult coloring books are a fad, but the process actually has several mental health benefits. It helps reduce stress while stimulating the logic and creativity areas of the brain. It helps the mind to focus. It’s easy to color while talking, making it a good social activity. Doctors are even experimenting with it to help patients suffering from PTSD, anxiety, and other stress-related disorders.

Perhaps you want to try it, but the usual flowers, rainbows, and mandalas aren’t your thing. Did you know there are tons of fun, geeky, and weird coloring books out there? Here are five of our favorites we recommend:

Thrill Murray


Yes. This is a coloring book dedicated entirely to Bill Murray. Do you have a favorite Bill Murray? Because he’s probably in here. There’s Ghostbusters Bill Murray, Lost in Translation Bill Murray, Moonrise Kingdom Bill Murray, The Life Aquatic Bill Murray, Scrooged Bill Murray. The list goes on. The book offers 24 pages of Bill Murray goodness. Personally, I’m hoping for a Zombieland Bill Murray.

Unicorns Are Jerks


You think unicorns are all about sparkles and friendship and magic? Well buddy, YOU’RE WRONG! That one annoying friend who thinks unicorns are soooooo great who wears a horn to work and owns unicorn bed sheets even though she’s 27? SHE’S WRONG! This book has solid evidence that unicorns are as bad as a hipster raised without manners. They text in movies. They fart in elevators. All that. Scanlan would love them. So yeah, unicorns do exist. But they’re real jerks!

Dinosaurs With Jobs


By the creator of Unicorns Are Jerks also comes Dinosaurs With Jobs. This book is 20 pages of reflection upon our work force, except you know, with dinosaurs. There are dinosaur astronauts, dinosaur driving instructors, and obviously dinosaur tech support. Any dino-enthusiast, or just someone with a sense of humor, will enjoy this one.

Swear Word Adult Coloring Books


Having a bad day? Do you want a piece of art that expresses how you feel about the neighbor downstairs who constantly blasts music? Relieve your stress and express your distaste for humanity with a coloring book with artfully decorated swear words. There are multiple coloring books like these on the market, so surely you can find one to suit your method of self-expression.

Bait: Off-Color Stories For You To Color


Chuck Palahniuk, author of Fight Club, has created his own coloring book. The book contains eight bizarre tales, and you can color in the illustrations yourself. The odd stories are things like “A passenger on the Titanic who finds a surgical solution to the obstacle of ‘women and children first'” and “An animal psychic who coaxes a statement from a fish that witnessed a political assassination.” So once you’re done coloring the images, you can then read the stories to your friends! You can’t buy it just yet, but it is available for pre-order for its October 25 release.

Today is a great day to find local celebrations to find other coloring enthusiasts. Or if that’s not your thing, you can always share your images online using the hashtag #nationalcoloringbookday.

What are some of your favorite adult coloring books? Share yours with us in the comments!

Featured image credit: Belly Kids
Image credits: Belly Kids, Theo Nicole Lorenz, Adult Coloring Books, Dark Horse Books

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