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We're Alive: FrontierWe're Alive: Frontier

Catch Up With We’re Alive: Frontier With This Season One Recap (Part 2)

We’re Alive: Frontier was a huge hit this year! The show, based on the We’re Alive podcast and using the Outbreak: Undead survival horror tabletop RPG, followed a group of expeditionary survivors on a mission to establish a new supply line from post-apocalypse St. Louis to Kansas City, Missouri. The Survivors had twelve thrilling episodes but didn’t accomplish their mission. No worries, though: that was only the first season.

We’re Alive: Frontier Season Two is scheduled to begin later this month, and in the lead up, the team released a scripted short, ZERO HOUR, which you can watch above.

In case you missed it, there’s still time to catch season 1 on Alpha. If you watched season 1 and need a refresher before season 2, we’ve got you covered! This is part two of the recap, and you can catch the first part right here.


When we last saw the Survivors, they had arrived in the frontier town of New Haven, where their help was requested in destroying an Infected-built dam that’s causing the Missouri River to back up, threatening to flood the town. The Survivors accepted, and planned a mission to a local salt mine to search for explosives.

Episode 6 – Into the Mines

The next morning, the team make the 10-or-so-mile trek to the mines. They warily walk through the long mine entrance cave until they reach a wall with a door that opens into the actual mine, Stingray spots a small crate marked ‘Danger: High Explosives’. Jenny goes to check that the crate does hold the dynamite they’re looking for. The nearby door shatters as arms of Infected begin to punch through it and the wall. They run all the way back through the mine entrance and hurry down the mountain, back toward New Haven.

Episode 7 – The Damned

The Survivors recon the damn, and with Jenny using her engineering knowledge to assess the weakest point, the team develop their plan.


As evening nears, they begin moving into place. Unfortunately, Infected spot a couple Survivors as they are doing so. A few Infected move into the riverbed to attack. Stingray and Bandaid shoot a few dead, giving Jenny just enough time and clearance to move in and place the dynamite. They have a couple of close encounters with a few Infected as they run away from the dam, but are soon rewarded with the sound of the dynamite exploding.

Episode 8 – The Toll

The Survivors return to a hero’s welcome at New Haven, and the mayor gives them permission to make the town a part of the UA / Missouri River Runner Route. They are treated to an evening of food, drink, and celebration, and then return to the rail driver for a night of rest.

The next morning, they leave New Haven, and soon approach the burned-out suburbs of Jefferson City. Another bridge / guardpost is seen ahead, and the guards there signal to the rail driver to stop. A guard tells them they have come to Osage, welcomes them to the Redeemed, and that they have come to a place of glory. He adds that strangers are not allowed into Osage, not without a proper toll. In order for them to travel through Osage, they must leave someone behind.

Jenny slowly drives the rail driver beyond the gate and into the city. They spot men moving a city bus onto the railway to block their path. Hurriedly trying to make the decision on whether to stop or attempt to blast through the bus barricade, Jenny decides for the team, and goes full throttle.

Episode 9 – Osage

Jenny slams the rail driver directly into the bus blocking their way, and begins pushing it along the track. It’s too much for the rail driver to push, and they come to a stop. A group of militia quickly converge on the rail driver’s location, surrounding it. The team hastily gather vital supplies, then escape through the rear of the sleeper car. Wraith leads them into a nearby tent, where they make another gruesome discovery: human bodies that have been skinned, dismembered, and drained of blood.

The team briefly discuss escape plans, and they decide to follow the tracks on foot. Bandaid gets shot through the shoulder, so the team stops behind cover while they treat his wound. Stingray spots one of the militia guards with a sniper rifle on the roof of a tall building, and as she does, the sniper fires again, striking her in her side. The Survivors hurriedly continue their escape from Jefferson City.

Episode 10 – The Outcast

On the other side of the Missouri River, Bandaid finally notices Stingray’s wound, and stops the group immediately so he can treat her. Wraith searches for a safe place. He spots an abandoned barn not far away, and the team make for it. Once inside, Bandaid and Kent treat Stingray to a stable condition. After some intense discussion and morale support, Jenny takes Wraith and Kent on the mission to kill some cannibal bastards and rescue their rail driver.


The now smaller team of three scope out Jefferson City from distance. Moving south, they come upon a water treatment building, just as they spot a patrol crossing the river and headed in their direction. The Survivors dash into the building and search for anything useful. Kent finds a Jefferson City waterworks map that shows a quality layout of the city. As they work to sketch down a copy of the map, they hear the front door burst open, as the patrol enters. Combat ensues, bullets fly, swords slash, and gas grenades are thrown. The team overcome the patrol, but not without help, as the last patrol member is downed by a mysterious crossbow bolt that the team sees just before the gas grenades knock them out.

Episode 11 – Return to Osage

The three Survivors awaken next to each other, and notice Chato towering over them. Chato explains that he was exiled from the city, and claims the Infected (the chanoo) are the Earth Mother’s immune system, an answer to the infection of mankind. He tells them that, perhaps the Great Spirit has set them in each other’s path for a reason. He also says he seeks to face Caymon, the leader of Osage, alone. Chato explains the chanoo have a leader, Malsumus, the Dark One. Caymon has lead others in an alliance with Malsumus, and they do as Malsumus does. Chato knows that he can call out to Caymon, and he will answer, drawing him out into the open.

A plan is devised, where the Survivors, with Chato, hope to set free the prisoners they saw when they came into Osage, arm them, and have them help fight in order to get closer to Caymon.

The Survivors approach the city near the state penitentiary, with guards on the high walls, and slaves being moved to and from. They eliminate the guards, and together they rally the prisoners into becoming warriors against Caymon.


Episode 12 – In the Shadow of Lewis and Clark

Those set free from the penitentiary are now scurrying through Osage, looting, lighting fires, and creating a bit of chaos in starting a riot. The Survivors fight their way through the city alongside the rioters, as they make their way towards the capitol building and Caymon’s location.

Once they arrive, Chato says he will call out Caymon and confront him here, while the rest of the group moves into ambush positions. Chato is successful, and Caymon and his group of heavily-armed guards come into the square before the capitol. Chato and Caymon exchange a few words, and the battle begins. In seconds, Chato is victorious.  The crowd who had gathered erupts in cheers, and Chato renames the town to Jennysburg.

They’re alive – for now.

What predictions do you have for the characters of We’re Alive: Frontier Season 2? Tell us in the comments!

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