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We're Alive: FrontierWe're Alive: Frontier

Catch Up With We’re Alive: Frontier With This Season One Recap (Part 1)

We’re Alive: Frontier was a huge hit this year! The show, based on the We’re Alive podcast and using the Outbreak: Undead survival horror tabletop RPG, followed a group of expeditionary survivors on a mission to establish a new supply line from post-apocalypse St. Louis to Kansas City, Missouri. The Survivors had twelve thrilling episodes but didn’t accomplish their mission. No worries, though: that was only the first season.

We’re Alive: Frontier Season Two will premiere on October 16th – you can take a peek at the teaser below.

If you missed season 1, you can go and binge it all on Alpha right now. If you did watch it all but wanted a refresher, we’ve got you covered. This is part one of the recap, and the second part of the recap will be posted next week.


Ivan Van Norman as the Game Master
Vince Caso as Asher Emerson Stern III
Anjali Bhimani as Stingray
Xander Jeanneret as Bandaid
Melanie Stone as Jenny
Alcuin Gersh as Wraith
Josh Petersdorf as Kent
B. Dave Walters as Chato

Episode 1 – A Chance Meeting

Asher Emerson Stern III gathers a team of survivors in the ruins of post-apocalypse St. Louis for a secret mission of high importance: creating a supply line from St. Louis to Kansas City via rail line. He and the team secure fake government IDs for the permits needed to cross the guarded checkpoint on the bridge over the Mississippi River, then travel to the St. Louis Train Station to pick up their rail driver. There they encounter raiders looting their supplies from the rail driver. The team successfully eliminate the raiders and retrieve their supplies, but the sounds of battle attract the attention of the real enemy of the frontier: the Infected.

Episode 2 – On the Rails

Still in the St. Louis Train Station, and now confronted with contact with the Infected, the Survivors quickly gather as much of their supplies as possible back into the rail driver, get the rail driver in motion, and escape the Infected in the train station.

They leave St. Louis and enter the rural outskirts of the city. They soon come upon a rail tunnel that holds the community of Archtown. Asher carefully talks their way in, and he proceeds to make a deal with the town leader, Bear, for their passage through. Meanwhile, Bandaid and Stingray help heal a sick child, and Wraith and Jenny help clear the railway enough for the rail driver to pass through. By the next morning, the child is no longer sick, and the track is cleared enough for them to continue forward on their mission.

Episode 3 – Eureka

Travelling west from Archtown, the team reach the outskirts of Eureka by midday. Before entering the township, the team elects to stop and replenish the rail driver’s wood fuel supply. Asher and Jenny make a gruesome discovery: a massive expanse of bones, a mass grave of possibly thousands of people.

Approaching Eureka, the sound of the rail driver attract the attention of a large wave of Infected. The rail driver’s speed is increased to where they outrun the normal Infected, but Jenny spots a new breed of Infected (called Prairie Dogs) ahead who look much more vicious than the others. She has to slow the rail driver in order to keep it from tilting through the turns, which allows the Prairie Dogs to jump aboard and begin attacking. One of the Prairie Dogs attacking through the rail driver rear door reaches in, grabs one of Asher’s legs, and yanks him off his feet. Wraith deftly chops at the Prairie Dog’s arm holding Asher, severing it, and spraying infected blood over Asher. Stingray and Bandaid assess Asher’s injuries, and they find he has received an open wound. As Bandaid begins to lend medical aid, Stingray tells Asher the bad news: the blood pooled on and around his wound isn’t all his.


Episode 4 – Along the River

Bandaid and Stingray both assess Asher’s wound and come to the same conclusion: Asher’s blood has been exposed to Infected blood, making him infected, as well. Under the guise of making ready to amputate Asher’s leg, Bandaid sets him up to receive anesthesia, and delivers a lethal dose, ending the life of Asher Emerson Stern III.

The Survivors stop just long enough to clean the rail driver, build a funeral pyre, and burn Asher’s body. They continue west, and decide to radio a situation report back to Col. Yaklee and seek further guidance from him. A storm threatens to strike up, and the team decide to keep traveling on through the night, and plan to make a stop to gather supplies the next day.


Before sunrise the next morning, they spot a semi-trailer squarely blocking the tracks, forcing them to stop. They take the day to better repair the rail driver’s rear door, and observe the area. The next day, they hook to towing cable to the semi-trailer and pull it off the track. A moment later, a large man bursts from the nearby four-story building and confronts the team.

Episode 5 – New Haven

A highly cautious meeting takes place between the Survivors and the large man. He introduces himself as Kent, and says he is also headed towards Livingston, in search of someone. A sinkhole suddenly opens up nearby, and Infected begin crawling out. Without any serious damage, they all make it into the rail driver and speed away.

As the rail lines bring them next to the Missouri River, Kent says he’s been looking for a child. Stingray notices movement in one of the storage sections of the engine car. They find a raggedly young girl, whom Stingray manages to ‘catch’ with a food offering. The girl recognizes Kent, and he calls her Sarah.

They arrive in New Haven, Bandaid impersonates Asher, meets with Mayor Jermaine, and discusses making a deal between the UA and New Haven. Mayor Jermaine replies that, if they can destroy a nearby river dam built by Infected, he’ll gladly accept the deal. The Survivors make a plan to venture to a local salt mine to look for explosives.


Part 2 will be posted next week as we count down to the premiere of We’re Alive: Frontier season 2! Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to know when part two goes up.

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