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Catch Up On the First Episode of Sagas of Sundry: Dread!
Sagas of SundrySagas of Sundry

Catch Up On the First Episode of Sagas of Sundry: Dread!

What happened on the very first episode of Sagas of Sundry: Dread? Read on, brave one, to discover the horrid truth!

Sagas of Sundry: Dread is the Alpha show where five friends explore the unknown, learn horrid truths, see sinister sights, and – if they’re lucky – just might live to tell their tale. It’s exclusive to Alpha, with new shows dropping every Thursday. You can even watch it right now with a free 30-day membership.

What sort of abominations await you on Dread? Let me tell you about the first episode…

After a first year of college, Sat (Satine Phoenix) has decided to get all her old friends, Tanner (Matt Mercer), Kayden (Taliesin Jaffe), Raina (Amy Dallen), and Darby (Amy Vorpahl) back together to explore those very New Mexico mountains where last year, they had an encounter which to this day they cannot explain. They saw a tall, dark, goat-man that chased them through a coal mine, only just escaping with their lives. To this day, the group wonders if it was real, a group delusion, or if they were drugged…

To find answers, they venture out to the exact same research station they used for shelter last year. Darby finds a note, warning that “the Devil is in 540.” On the way to the research station, they discover a half-eaten deer, and they assume that it was killed by a bear. It had to be a bear, right? But Darby insists it was no bear, and simply says, “He’s here…”

The five friends’ relationships that had frayed with a year apart break under the tension of being in the mountains again. Tanner insists that they saw nothing the previous year, and that Kayden just drugged them all. Raina and Darby have split up because Raina thinks that Darby has developed an unhealthy obsession with the goat-man. Darby believes she has found a way to communicate with the goat-man, and that he means them no harm.

Arriving at the research station, Tanner and Darby go exploring the woods around it. Sitting in the middle of the trail, they find a box. Tanner refuses to touch it, but Darby says not to be afraid, because there’s no such thing as evil. She opens it up and finds twine rolled around leather. She picks it up and puts it down again and again, as though a mania is upon her. Tanner is freaked out.

Meanwhile, back outside the research station; Sat complains about nobody calling her once during the past year. Raina finds arrowheads, and Sat tells her this was the site of a battle hundreds of years ago.

Tanner and Darby return. A storm begins, and drives the five friends into the research station, where they discover something shocking.

The interior, which last year featured a giant hole that led down to the coal mine, is entirely undamaged. Tanner immediately accuses Kayden of having dosed all of them with LSD the year before, but Kayden says he didn’t bring enough for him to drug anyone else.

Suddenly, the building begins to shake. Darby has everyone perform a ritual of protection which will keep them safe. It involves breaking mirrors, and instead of bringing protection, brings destruction. As soon as the ritual is complete, the entire building falls down around their heads, and the five barely escape with their lives.

Sat falls apart even though she got out without a scratch, because she says that the collapse destroyed everything she owned in the world. She fell into homelessness during her first year of college, which the others would know if they ever cared enough about her to call, which they didn’t.

In the distance, the five see a pair of lights. They proceed through the forest towards them, and discover a house. There is a letter tucked in its front door from 1924, and says that a scientist came out to this part of New Mexico to privately conduct experiments.

A lucky pull on the tower reveals that there is a key hidden under the porch in a nook. Raina crawls under the porch to get it, and puts her hand in the worm-filled nook to reach the key. (And poor Amy Dallen actually had to put her hand in a box of maggots to get the key!)

The door opens, and the friends enter the house.

What happens next? Find out Thursday on the next episode of Sagas of Sundry: Dread!

What do you do to bring chills to the gaming table? Let us know in the comments!

Feature image courtesy: Geek & Sundry

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