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Carry on My Wayward Fandom: Why the Supernatural Fandom is the Best

Carry on My Wayward Fandom: Why the Supernatural Fandom is the Best

For anyone that knows me, you know I love Supernatural. I’ve been watching since the beginning, have seen all the cast interviews, and have even tossed my hat in on a fan creation or two. I love Supernatural and the amazing community of fans that has sprung up around the Winchesters.  For those that don’t understand, here are my reasons for being in the Supernatural Fandom!


I’m not just talking about their acting chops (which are excellent). I’m talking about the camaraderie these actors have found with each other and how their friendships inspire the fandom community. Panel after panel, interview after interview, story after story have come out showing the friendships and love these talented individuals have with and for each other.


Image Credit: Jared Padalecki

Oh, and did I mention Felicia’s in the show? Reason enough to love Supernatural right there.

Image Credit: The CW

But if that’s not enough to get you on board this fandom train…


The Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen, commonly referred to as “GishWhes”, is a week long event dedicated to wackiness and philanthropy. GishWhes was started by the actor who plays Castiel on Supernatural, Misha Collins. International teams of 15 work together to finish as many scavenger hunt items as possible within a week. The winning team gets to go on a trip with Misha. This year the winning team got a trip to Costa Rica.

Image Credit: GishWhes

Items for the scavenger hunt are random, ranging from “draw a star from Supernatural in the stars” to “do something to support Random Acts” to “find Neil Gaiman and get him to hug you while holding this sign” (pictured above).

For one week every year friends and family don’t question my wackiness as I run around, testing my personal boundaries, artistic talent, and giving nature. In addition, the friends I have made from this event are some of the most amazing people I’ve had the pleasure to know.


The Supernatural fandom has a strong presence on Tumblr. The fandom manages to make witty, emotional, and, sometimes, scarily observant posts about Supernatural and related topics. If I’m feeling down, I know I can go to Tumblr and find all the Supernatural posts to brighten my day.

Image Credit: The Bloody Maze

Seriously, it’s a little scary how far the Supernatural fandom has taken over Tumblr. They really do have a gif for everything.

Image Credit: SPN Has a Gif for Everything


This community is the absolute best at supporting the cast, crew, and each other. I’m not pretending there aren’t conflicts and differences of opinions, but when someone’s going through something, this fandom rises to the challenge.

Jared Padalecki (Sam on the show) is open about suffering with depression. When a fandom member found out, they organized a candlelight tribute at SDCC. They managed to pass out lights to the majority of Hall H and, at the right time, the entire hall of people showed their lights in a unanimous support for their favorite moose and his struggles.

Image Credit: Jared Padalecki

The JarPad was overcome with emotion and tweeted afterwards about how amazing an experience it was. I don’t know many fandoms that have members so dedicated to supporting their show through thick and thin. That’s what makes the Supernatural fandom the best!


Featured Image Credit: The CW



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