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Captain America: Civil War – The Trailer Vs. The Comics

Unless your internet was down, you probably saw the tidal wave that was Captain America: Civil War trailer posts. Last night on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!,” Chris Evans debuted the new trailer for the next installment for the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and it looks excellent. And if you haven’t seen it yet, just click on the video above. We got your back.

The last Captain America movie was a great spy-thriller which set the MCU on its new course, and we look forward to see where this next adventure will take us. Putting ideology’s against each other, Captain American and Iron Man have chosen their sides on what to do with the power of being a hero or vigilante. While it looks like the story may venture away from the original comics, at its heart it looks to be keeping to the same idea of choosing between what a hero should be in the eyes of the government.

Along with that, Marvel has also previewed three new Captain America: Civil War posters, which we have included below. Friends become enemies and everyone caught in the middle is forced to choose a side. We are looking forward to the next installment and maybe the next trailer will have our friendly neighborhood wall-crawler.

But the burning question is: How does the movie compare to the comics? Well we can’t give an expert opinion until the movie hits theaters, obviously, but we do have some thoughts. From what we gather from the trailer, the spark that ignites the Civil War is Bucky, a.k.a. The Winter Soldier. He’s all good now and Captain America wants to protect him. Unfortunately, the government is all, “Whoa dude, not so fast. You can’t just act on your own. That makes you look like a vigilante. Not cool, bro.” Maybe not those exact words, but you get the gist of it. Our pals over at Nerdist did a great write up and analysis of the trailer though.

Several points of the movie may still be a mystery, but we already know a lot about what’s going to happen since Civil War happened in comics back in 2006. While the two may not have a lot in common, here are some of the things we learned from the comics:

Nick Fury goes missing – again

You can never keep a good man down, but it’s hard to find one when you really need him. Take Nick for example. The man dodges death left and right along with all your phone calls. He goes MIA at the beginning of the story arc and Maria Hill takes over as the acting director of S.H.I.E.L.D. Don’t worry. He’s fine. Which is more than we can say for everyone else in the story.

Peter Parker takes the Spotlight – sort of

With the Superhero Registration Act in full swing, that means you need to line up at your local government office with your mask in hand. Our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man chooses the side of law and Iron Man…at first. One of the biggest reveals at the start of the story turned out to be something we already knew: Peter Parker is Spider-Man. This was a big swing in the Marvel Universe, but it soon started to crumble as those who wanted Peter dead knew how to find him. We won’t go into what happens next, but thanks to a pact with Maphisto, Peter joins Captain America’s side and no one remembers his true identity.

Thor Clone

If you can’t get them to join you, clone them. Sort of. Tony can’t stop meddling where he has no right to go. With a bit of hair from our thunder god and a little cyborg know-how, Tony manages to make clone Thor. What can possibly go wrong? Expect having the clone go mad, start killing people, and take the moniker of Ragnarok. Sounds catchy. Could make for a good movie title.

Fifty State Initiative

Time to put all those super powered heroes into boot camp. The Fifty State Initiative doesn’t happen until after the end of the arc, but imagine a group in every state of heroes having to work together and learn how to use their powers. Other people get to rise in the government ranks thanks for a new-found interest in super heroes such as businessman Norman Osborn. What he could do with a little bit of power and the support of the government behind him…

(Redacted) Dies

Not going to spoil this for you. Do a little googling. Check out Wikipedia. You know it’s going to happen.

What do you think of the trailer? How close is the movie going to keep to the comics? Let us know in the comments section below.


Feature image credit: Marvel Studios


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