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Captain America Civil War Everyday Cosplay

Captain America Civil War Everyday Cosplay

There’s been a lot of press about that one space movie that hit theaters in December, but there is a lot to look forward to in the movies outside of adventures taking place in a galaxy far, far away. One of those films is the latest movie in the Marvel cinematic universe, hitting theaters this May, Captain America: Civil War. I don’t know about you, but I am incredibly excited about Avengers 2.5 Civil War, and am already starting to make premiere plans.

One of the most vital parts of prepping for a big premiere like a new Marvel movie is, of course, what you’re going to wear. To help you start planning your Civil War premiere look, I’ve pulled together a few everyday cosplay looks to help get your inspiration flowing.

Captain America

This look has just about everything you’ll need to capture Cap’s fashion into one look suited for everyday life. If you want to really drive the look home, make sure to infuse it with a hearty dose of patriotism, strong 1940’s values, a general lack of knowledge of pop culture, and don’t forget the most important ingredient: The American Dream.

Everyday Captain America


Iron Man

I’ll be honest, when given the option to emulate an MCU character’s fashion choices, I’m always inclined to direct people to Tony Stark. He might be cocky, but you must admit that the man knows how to dress. If you’re wanting something more casual, however, this look is perfect if you’re trying to capture the look of Tony’s superhero alter ego–just with less shiny red and no pesky arc reactor to deal with.

Everyday Iron Man


Winter Soldier

You can’t mention Civil War without mentioning Bucky Barnes, aka The Winter Soldier. While you’ll be hard pressed to find a coat that has one silver or gray arm to match Bucky’s that isn’t a Winter Soldier costume, you can easily recreate his signature heavy eyeliner look: simply try to create the perfect winged eyeliner, get frustrated, rub your eyes violently, and head out the door. Bucky would be proud.

Everyday Winter Soldier



With the recent changes happening in the comics, we may get to see Sam Wilson–or the Falcon–take on the role of Captain America in future movies. Until that happens though, we can continue loving Sam as the Falcon. Here’s a look inspired by him, which incidentally is a look that is inspired by Captain America. All the flair of Sam without screaming AMERICA!!! like Cap.

Everyday Falcon


Since practically every Marvel character will be in it, who are you most excited to see in Civil War? Have you started making premiere plans yet? Let me know how you’ll be celebrating the premiere, from watch parties to fashion and more, in the comments! And, of course, be sure to catch Captain America: Civil War when it hits theaters on May 6! 


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