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Can We Just Make TV Show Crossovers a Popular Thing Already?

Can We Just Make TV Show Crossovers a Popular Thing Already?

By now, you’re probably at least somewhat familiar with the idea of TV show crossovers. CW has already tackled the genre by crossing over two—soon to be three, if you count Legends of Tomorrow—shows into one mega-TV-baby of epic proportions. The Flash and Arrow had multiple overlapping story arcs last season, and it was a huge hit among fans. What you might not have heard is that Fox is also jumping on the crossover bandwagon, and just announced that next season Bones and Sleepy Hollow will be sharing a crossover episode.

They even tackled the idea with their cartoon comedy block, by bringing The Simpsons and Family Guy into a blended story. This new TV fandom mash-up is gaining popularity among fans, and rightly so. It’s every fan’s dream to see characters from their favorite shows interact with one another, because it feels so strange and yet so new and exhilarating. Two different shows, two different worlds that felt so unique, suddenly overlapping with each other? Well, it got our minds racing. What other shows should the major networks combine for the perfect crossover? Here’s just a few of our favorite fantasy crossover ideas…

HBO: Girls meets Silicon Valley


silicon valley

Image Credit: HBO

A show predominantly about a group of girls bumping heads with a show predominantly about a group of guys? Sounds like the recipe for a spectacular comedy. Sure, Girls has its darker moments—and Silicon Valley is known to get raunchy now and then—but at the heart of it all, they’re both at the top of the HBO comedy food chain. Maybe the guys from Silicon Valley need to take an unexpected trip to New York to meet with an investor, and just so happen to run into the Girls girls at a bar. Simple crossover, but the potential for a great back and forth from the snarky girls and dweeby guys would really get our hearts aflutter and belly laughs going.

Netflix: Orange is the New Black meets Arrested Development



Image Credits: Netflix

Picture it: the Bluth family women are forced to do community service at Litchfield andcomedy ensues. That’s really the only pitch we need, but let’s break this one down. The grimy world of Orange is the New Black‘s Litchfield Women’s Correctional Facility would make for some pretty hilarious scenarios for Arrested Development‘s family of jerks and weirdos. Sure, this one might be a bit of a stretch, but we’ll stick it in the back of our prayers where we’ll still be pulling for it to happen some way, somehow.

ABC: Scandal meets Nashville



Image Credits: Disney/ABC

What if Scandal’s President Grant had to make a press tour stop in Tennessee and inconveniently causes a mix-up for the folks of Nashville? Olivia Pope bumping heads with a bunch of country stars would definitely make for some drama. But then, of course, President Grant IS a Republican, so maybe the red state country stars are there to sing their support. Either way, seeing those two great casts interact—and meshing their very different but very compelling stories—would be a great move for the folks over at Disney. Give the people what they want, ABC!

BBC: Sherlock meets Luther




Image Credits: BBC One

Idris Elba and Benedict Cumberbatch might be sharing a Marvel Universe somewhat soon, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want more! Bring these two detectives face to face for all of us to enjoy. Luther—in case you haven’t seen it (and if so: what are you doing?)—is about a hot-headed detective who often times struggles with his own department and demons as much as he does his cases. In short, he’s that lovable outlaw we always want to see in our TV shows. While some fans might think Luther is off the air for good, it was recently announced that he’d be making a trip back to the small screen for a few more episodes. In that case, why not bring in another lovable detective who doesn’t work by the book? We’re thinking the addition of Sherlock Holmes to the equally intriguing and creepy detective world of Luther would make for some awesome television. They both work in modern day London…so let’s make it happen!

No matter what shows you like, or what shows you think would make good pairings, the point is that crossovers are a good thing.  In fact, if done right, it would be great to see shows transcend different networks at some point—no matter how unlikely they might seem. But for now, we’re only left with our imagination (and fan fiction) as far as that idea goes.

What TV shows do you think should crossover? Any crossovers you’re particularly fond of? Let us know in the comments, and binge on, TV viewers!

Featured Image: IGN

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