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CALLISTO 6’s Cast Reveals Tidbits About Their Still-Mysterious Characters
Callisto 6Callisto 6

CALLISTO 6’s Cast Reveals Tidbits About Their Still-Mysterious Characters

Were you there for the premiere of Callisto 6? Our newest actual play show, created by Shield of Tomorrow alums Eric Campbell and Sam de Leve, uses Monte Cook Games’ Cypher system to explore a superheroic cyberpunk rebellion! Callisto 6 looks into the dark future of LOS ANGELES 2119. After a massive ecological disaster, the giant corporations rebuild the city into a glittering beacon of the future. All it takes are the freedoms, the rights and the lives of millions of the citizens within the city.

The main characters of Callisto 6 — as it might be somewhat generous to call them heroes — have stumbled across what might be called superpowers in another show. But to Lindy, Cass, Anton, Lacy, Oya and Luma, they’re not out to save the world. They’re out to make the Oligarchs pay.

We talked with the cast of Callisto 6 to see what secrets they could spill about their characters.

Oya Guillén aka Aliza Pearl


From Aliza:

Oya is of Afro-Latin heritage, descended from a line of Cuban Santeria practitioners, Black American teachers, community leaders, and Puerto Rican dancers and musicians. She was born and raised on Baldwin Island, a part of the city with a rich cultural history and a deeply rooted community. Her parents, along with some of their neighbors, are landowners throughout Baldwin Island and in recent years have protected the community from the encroachment of eminent domain—but it is unclear how much longer their own legal resources and political connections can hold out under the pressure of the corporate giants.

Oya fights alongside her family in trying to preserve Baldwin Island for the people but also sees a path through ingratiating herself with the corporations and working her way up to effect change from the inside. She has studied to become a VR designer, focusing on designing Shared Experience Programming so that people the world over can connect through a VR beachside luau, or a hike to a volcano, or a rave in the Dead Sea.

Oya’s personality is joyful. She loves nature, music, and spending time in celebration and connection with others. She honors the ancestors through her service work and by finding joy in even the hardest situations.

Cassie Charke aka Amy Dallen


From Amy:

Whatever you’re planning, Cassie Charke is on board. She’ll do anything but nothing, which is what her whole family has done for years, trading their hours to rebuild a city that they don’t own a piece of. If building it doesn’t make it yours, though, Cass will find another way; she figures it’s her city if she lives in it, so she’s cramming in as much living as possible. A couple of bruises and bad decisions? That’s just how you know you were here.

Anton Andazola aka Hector Navarro


From Hector:

Anton Andazola moved to post-cataclysmic Los Angeles at age five after his parents received an opportunity to work in the science sector to help rebuild the city. Charismatic and sharp, he now works in Public Relations for Cassium Genetics. After gaining superpowers and joining Callisto 6, calling himself a superhero might be a bit of a stretch for him.

Luma Orsini aka Gina DeVivo


From Gina:

Don’t let her goth cutie exterior fool you, she is a street-smart master of disguise who cooks the best fettuccine alfredo this side of Old Venice. Growing up in Raft City, she learned pretty quickly that if you can’t find joy in the world around you, create it.

Lacy Lagrangia-Franklin aka Sam de Leve

From Sam:

Lacy has always understood machines better than people. People can be so confusing and overwhelming—at least with machines, you know what you’re getting. But now, Lacy understands machines on a whole new level: when they talk to the machines, the machines talk back.

Lindy Hopper aka Bonnie Gordon


From Bonnie:

Linda Hopper’s family relocated from the east coast to Los Angeles when she was 5 years old. Her father was a meteorologist and storm specialist whose research would be an asset to corporations. Her childhood best friend was Anton Anazola, who was also relocated and moved to LA around the same time and age as her.

Nicknamed “Lindy” by her father, she was a daddy’s girl and loved him dearly. Her father would take her on “storm hunting” trips every few months – During one on which she was supposed to accompany him, he perished in an electric storm. She blamed herself for choosing to attend Anton’s birthday party instead of being with her father that day, and Anton and Lindy’s friendship faded after the incident.

After her father’s death, the corporation no longer had a reason to offer lodging/payment to Lindy and her mother. They had to move to a poor neighborhood. Lindy dropped out of school to help support her mother (who became withdrawn and uses virtual reality as an escape from her husband’s death).

Lindy is not very book smart and had to find a way to make money any way she could – she has a secret job that she works at nights that’s she’s pretty embarrassed about, so don’t ask. She probably has more money than you though – she may not be book smart, but she’s a natural with numbers. Also, due to her night job – she has had a few “coworkers” teach her self-defense. Don’t piss her off.

Though she might seem she has a chip on her shoulder at times, it might just be because she doesn’t quite fully understand what’s going on. She wears glasses, not because she needs them to see, but because she thinks with them on, people take her more seriously – they make her look smart, right?

Now you know the names of Callisto 6. That means the Oligarchs are watching you, too. Will you join us in helping to take them down? Check out Callisto 6 every Friday at 4PM Pacific on Twitch and Alpha!

Rob Wieland is an author, game designer and professional nerd, having worked on worked on dozens of different tabletop games ranging from Star Wars and Firefly to his own creations like CAMELOT Trigger. He’s also a professional Dungeon Master for in-person or remote games. He is on Twitter and Twitch, and his meat body can be found in scenic Milwaukee, WI.

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