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Best Opening Credits from This Year’s TV Shows

Best Opening Credits from This Year’s TV Shows

Think of your favorite show opening: Is it the beautiful, unsettling sight of Dexter strapping his shoelaces way too tight? The sprawling map that shows which area of Westeros we’ll be visiting in tonight’s episode of Game of Thrones? Or is it simply, “All celebrity voices are impersonated… poorly.”

This year, a bunch of new programs debuted. Some we loved, while others we at least hate watched. Regardless of the whether the show was any good here are the best television show opening credits for 2015.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, The CW

Yes, she moved to Covina which is where Josh lives, but that’s not why she’s heeeeeeere! Is it merely a coincidence that the show’s creator and star is the only one not animated? We heart Rachel Bloom.

The Leftovers Season Two, HBO

Gone is the heavy-handed end of the world tone and biblical imagery. Season two of HBO’s most polarizing show changed things for the better, with gorgeous stills photoshopped with just the right amount of mystery space dust. The folksy, breezy, hippie era-inspired “Let The Mystery Be” song by Iris DeMent is delightfully upbeat.

Sens8, Netflix

Shot all over the globe from Seoul, Mumbai, Berlin, to the United States, this might be the most epic yet intimate opening in television history. It will be interesting to see if the Wachowskis update their season two opening with new locations and different cultures.

The Man in the High Castle, Amazon

Philip K. Dick’s alternate dystopian America came to life in muted colors, and a foreboding sense that something was very wrong with our un-United States. And can we all agree this is the creepiest version of “Edelweiss” ever?

The Muppets, ABC

Time to get things started, finally. The storylines have been erratic, and some of the characters still don’t quite feel like their former selves (Miss Piggy), but this super quick 19-second montage is as adorable as Scooter’s resentment toward his mom’s new boyfriend Kevin. Kermit has always been the show’s de facto Charlie Brown so, naturally, our favorite frog can’t even get a decent cruller.

True Detective, Season Two, HBO

Many hated season two, but regardless the opening is pure bliss. Such sights to see: Taylor Kitsch’s face obscured by a forbidding landscape, Rachel McAdam’s look of  hopelessness, Colin Farrell only seeing red, and Vince Vaughn gets buried as singer Leonard Cohen reveals that he’s “dug some graves…” We could use this space to defend the whole season but, nevermiiiind.

Marvel’s Jessica Jones, Netflix

Like True Detective‘s opening, Jones embraces a more abstract tone and color palette, which is a great way to highlight the show’s film noir roots. The jazz score captures the boozy, late nights at Alias Investigations aka Jessica’s apartment.  Anyone who has read the comic book knew why the color purple was so prominent.

Did we forget your favorite cool animated or live-action show kicker? Did you prefer Marvel’s Daredevil opening to Jessica Jones‘? Sounds off in the comments!

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