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Behold this DIY ‘Potter’ Potions Set, and Be Jealous

Behold this DIY ‘Potter’ Potions Set, and Be Jealous

Friends, Slytherins, dungeon masters; lend me your ears! I need those ears for a potion. Not really, but if I were into potion making on the daily, I’d want a collection just like the one Reddit user thousandcleverlines (alias to Bree) custom made for one of the site’s many gift exchanges.

The final product is an impressive seven potion set with personally designed labels and a hand painted chest to store them all in. Fire burn, and cauldron bubble, indeed.


This project is truly one of the better stories I’ve heard about online gift exchanges, and I’d be thrilled if something that took so much heart and effort showed up on my doorstep. As long as the vials weren’t actually filled with potions, as some of these could certainly get someone (cough, me) into major trouble.

To get to this glorious finished gift, Bree worked hard and focused on making the project as unique and detailed as possible. She started by using a wood burner to carve the words and symbols into the untouched wooden chest, which she actually posted an example of on Imgur. From there, Bree stained the chest and painted in the carvings, making for the beautiful piece that you see above.

To see how this project came to be, check out the gallery below, and maybe think about entering a gift exchange next time you’re browsing Reddit. You could get lucky with something like this.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

Image Credits: thousandcleverlines/Reddit



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