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Before Homecoming – 7 Other Super Suits Spider-Man Has Worn

Before Homecoming – 7 Other Super Suits Spider-Man Has Worn

In the chill of the night, with scenes of some crimes, the first Spider-Man Homecoming trailer has arrived just in time. Take a gander and see why fans’ senses are tingling.

Among many details hewing truer to the comics, the clip has revealed webbing-like wings on the sides of the advanced super suit Tony Stark has made for the wallcrawler. It may seem minor, but this flourish actually recalls the webhead’s earliest costume, from his very first appearance–something not yet shown in any Spidey movie. The rest of the outfit is different, of course, and while we’re thinking about these variations in Spider-Man’s ensemble, wouldn’t it be fun to look at some of the other super suits he’s worn over the years?

Iron Spider


It may look a bit different, but this is actually the basis for the Stark-designed suit in Homecoming. In the comics version of Civil War, superhero registration involves capes being required to reveal their secret identities. So, when Spidey pledges to Iron Man’s side, he actually unmasks himself to the public, too. Doing this puts a big, red target on Peter Parker and his family, of course, so Shellhead builds this suit for him, (rightly) figuring that he could use some added oomph against his enemies.



Here’s a bedazzled outfit absolutely made for the era of shiny collectible covers. Spidey only wore it once, in the deluxe anniversary issue, Web of Spider-Man #100. And he actually built it himself at Empire State University as a means to counter the high caliber weapons of a new gang of villains. The heavy suit did protect him from bullets, but it greatly reduced his speed and agility. And it broke after only one outing.



It looks like something out of Tron–the exact opposite of stealth. Still, it did make Spidey more covert. He engineered the suit to bend light and sound around it; initially as a countermeasure for Hobgoblin’s cosmic screams. It was eventually adopted by one of Peter’s evil clones, the Scarlet Spider Kaine.

The Hornet


In “Identity Crisis,” one of the kookier story arcs, the wall-crawler is framed for murder and saddled with a bounty so big, he can’t conduct his friendly neighborhood business anymore. In some delightfully Silver Age logic, Peter reasons that he can continue fighting crime if he adopts four new alter egos. Thus, the armored aerialist Hornet appears, alongside the creepy Dusk, the statuesque Prodigy, and the acrobatic Ricochet. All four identities were later adopted by the super team the Slingers.

Captain Universe


Imagine a much more benevolent and vastly more powerful version of Venom’s symbiote suit. This cosmic force possesses people during moments of crisis and increases their abilities by an astronomic degree. So, when Spidey was taken by Captain Universe, he was able to vanquish a suped-up Sentinel single-handledly. Alas, the leveling up only lasted briefly. Other heroes would wear this starry mantle later.

Future Foundation


Peter Park is pals with Johnny Storm, the Human Torch, and has flirted with becoming the fifth member of the Fantastic Four at various points. When the FF re-branded themselves as the philanthropic “Future Foundation,” Spidey followed one of Johnny’s dying wishes (the Torch got better, don’t worry) and enlisted with Marvel’s first family. While the black and white uniform was so, so sleek, he didn’t end up sticking around long.

The Amazing Bag-Man


When Parker submitted his alien symbiote to Reed Richards for scientific study, Peter was left bare-ass naked. A friend in need is a friend indeed, of course, so his pal Johnny lent him a spare uniform and a lunch bag to conceal his identity. Naturally, he neglected to mention the “Kick Me” sign he left on the back. Not the wallcrawler’s most dignified moment.

Any other super suits worth mentioning? List your favs in the talkback.

Image Credits: Marvel

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