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Bask in the Glory of this Radtastical StarCraft II LEGO Build

Welp, file this one under “Things We Could Stare At For Hours.” There are many things within this post that we love: LEGOS, StarCraft II, DIY tenacity: it’s fan-made geekery of the highest order. It’s extra impressive when you consider the fact that this is not just one StarCraft unit, but an entire frakkin’ map of it!


All your LEGO builds pale in comparison — admit it. Not for lack of trying, we’re sure, but when you consider how much work this international team — yes, these Terrans came from all over the place, including the United States, Canada, Belgium, and Norway — did over three years to piece the whole thing together, and well! You can sort of understand why we’re in awe of it.

The details themselves are incredible: there are battles and skirmishes happening all across the 14 feet (SERIOUSLY!!) of StarCraft goodness. Look at all them Zergs and Protoss causin’ a ruckus! Marvel at all them starfighters! It’s a thing of impressive beauty, isn’t it?

The group of artists and designers — listed below because seriously, they all deserve an Orson Welles-style slow-clap or two — even posted some photos to Flickr to highlight the amazing amount of intricacy in their final product (which, we’ll have you know, was originally only supposed to be 9 feet in length. But you know how us geeks do!).




So major kudos to the team involved — Bart De Dobbelaer, Tim Schwalfenburg, Cecilie Fritzvold, Simon Liu, Sean & Steph Mayo, Chris Perron, John Moffat, and Matt De Lanoy — for all their hard work. This is seriously one of the most impressive LEGO builds we’ve ever seen.

What would you add to this if you could? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

Image Credits: Simon Liu/Flickr

Alicia Lutes is the Associate Editor of Geek & Sundry. Find her on the Tweet Machine @alicialutes.

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