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Bald is the New Black this Halloween // DIY Costume Ideas

Bald is the New Black this Halloween // DIY Costume Ideas

So you really want to be a character whose signature look is bald, but your head just happens to be covered with hair.

Well, either you can go for it and commit 100%, in which case all you will need is a razor, or you can master the bald cap.

With these steps, you’ll be right on your way to cosplaying Dhalsim of Street Fighter, Uncle Fester of The Addams Family, Lt. Ilia of Star TrekLady Jessica of Dune, Imperator Furiosa (check out our steps below) and more!

You will need: 

  • Prosthetic Adhesive (There are many out there, Ben Nye has an inexpensive option)
  • A Bald Cap
  • Oil Based Paints (Try Kryolan’s Rubber Mask Grease Palettes)
  • Sponge Wedge
  • Translucent Powder (Even baby powder could do the trick, but used sparingly)



1:Start with a clean face, no makeup. Apply moisturizer to the skin on and around where you will be applying the cap and adhesive.


Tip: Make sure you are not allergic to anything going on the skin. Bald caps are not the most comfortable items to adhere on your skin, so be sure you don’t add a reaction to your night.


2: Flatten the hair that will go under the cap as flat as possible to the head in an even shape. Long hair, you can always do a very low ponytail and cover it with your costume, or hide all your hair in the cap like we did.





3: Apply a bald cap, following the directions on the package. Make sure all of your hair is tucked back. Hair gel or hair spray can help tame unruly hair.


4: Trim the bald cap so it covers your hairline and cut holes in it for your ears. If you are doing this look on yourself, try marking it with a pencil to let you know where to cut.


5: Use oil based paints and a sponge wedge to color in the bald cap, matching your skin tone as best as you can and creating shadows and highlights with different shades.


6: Translucent Powder all over will help seal your makeup nicely for the night.




Here are a few extra steps to create Imperator Furiosa from Mad Max.

Additional items you will need:

  • Fake Soot (Try Fleet Street’s Dirtworks Soot Makeup Powder)
  • Black Eyeshadow
  • Black Gel liner or Black Kohl liner
  • Nude-Brown lipstick






1: Using a black eye shadow, or other black makeup pigment, dirty up the top part of the bald cap, from the eyes up. Don’t be afraid to go heavy, the darker the better.


2: Use a black liner and shadow to create a dramatic smokey eye in order to make your eyes pop, so that they are not lost in the full look.


3: Swipe on a nude-brown lipstick. Then throw on some leather and black layers and get ready to be a total bad ass all night!







Makeup by Gabrielle Rossbach

IG/Twitter: @gabriellemuah


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