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Artists Send Their Love to Critical Role With #ThanksVoxMachina
Critical RoleCritical Role

Artists Send Their Love to Critical Role With #ThanksVoxMachina

“We love you, we’re proud of you, we’re with you.” – Casey Bieda

Spoilers for Critical Role follow.

Vox Machina recently faced off against their final foe, but before they initiated the battle, Critical Role fan artists had a surprise in store for them. The #ThanksVoxMachina hashtag, organized by artist Casey Bieda, featured piece after piece thanking Vox Machina for their heart and humor over the years as this part of the Critical Role journey ends.

Critical Role, from top to bottom, has gotten me through some tough times, made me laugh when I needed it, and has brought many amazing people into my life,” says Casey. “If you’re an artist, to make art for something is to say that you love it and you appreciate what it’s done for you.”


Casey approached some friends and fellow fan artists to ask if they wanted to collaborate to show their appreciation. They chose a simple hashtag to organize it into a gallery for the cast to find easily. “From there, as more artists joined the conversation, the idea grew and grew. It was a truly lovely, organic, inspiring project that was only possible because of this community of passionate artists and the crazy D&D show that brought us all together,” Casey says.

Artist Meg Simmons put together a collaboration piece from several artists, featuring beloved characters both big and small from the years Vox Machina has adventured together.

“The rest of us all worked together on individual pieces, sharing works in progress, giving feedback, telling stories about Vox Machina, and being generally silly. It was such a good thing filled with a lot of love,” Casey says. “Working with them, sharing that space and having those friendships, is absolutely one of the greatest joys of my life.”

“It was a really special thing to be a part of!” says contributor Illana Steinberg.

Amazingly, the group project was coordinated in just a week, with over 40 artists participating in the initial batch. “It was so inspiring!” Casey says. “I got to meet and chat with artists I only knew by reputation, and we created a space of support, kindness, and mutual love for these nerdy ass voice actors.”


“The big artist message chain immediately felt like a closely knit family, so even if my art for the hashtag was done late, that support and camaraderie doesn’t fade in the slightest,” agrees contributor Amanda Lien. “It’s just too fun to interact with other artists who are all fans of and excited for the same thing.”

Critical Role fans continue to use the hashtag to share art honoring Vox Machina, along with their gratitude and appreciation for the cast and crew. Casey and the contributing artists couldn’t be happier. “It turned out to be such a large love letter to not just the show, but to the entire community,” she says. “We’re so thrilled with how it was received and all of the goodness and love that came from it.”


The adventures in Critical Role aren’t over! Tune into the Geek & Sundry Twitch channel every Thursday night at 7:00 Pacific as the story continues.

Featured Image: Sam Ma

Other Images: Casey B, Amanda Lien, and Lauren LaMontagne

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