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And The Best April Fool’s Pranks of 2016 Are…

And The Best April Fool’s Pranks of 2016 Are…

April 1st is a heady day for the internet. It is the day that soulless multinational corporations and faceless government bureaucracies try to make the funny. Sometimes, the joke’s on them (as with Google’s much reviled mic-dropping Minions) but the following three April Fools pranks left us in need of a clean pair of undies.

Like Jurassic Park, But for Jerky

Man Crates is a company which sells testosterone-fuelled gift boxes. Whether sending a gift to an army buddy, fraternity bro, or cellmate who’s threatening to visit you once he’s on the outside; Man Crates has you covered. (Sample favorites which will put hair on your chest whether you like it or not include, “The Bacon Crate” and “Pipe-Carving Kit.”) But for April Fools’, Man Crates put out this video, suggesting that they are cloning Wooly Mammoths, but not to enrich science, and certainly not to put in some wussy park for people to gawk at while they down slurpees. No, Man Crates claimed they were cloning the mammoth to make into the dudeliest of all dude-foods: jerky.

Don’t Cross the Streams

Sony, in consultation with Dr. Egon Spengler and Dr. Jillian Holtzmann (a name I’m guessing we’ll all recognize after the Ghostbusters reboot heads into theaters this summer) says that they have constructed a functional and “slime-resistant” proton pack for “harnessing extradimensional energies.” The humor in this video is drier than a camel’s tongue, and spot-on for a corporation making fun of its own marketing.

Wolverine: Everyone’s Favorite Canadian

Here’s a piece of knowledge which will win you a round of pub trivia: Wolverine is, according to Marvel cannon, Canadian. Born in Cold Lake, Alberta, he fought with the Canadians in World War I and World War II. His service record in the Big One led to his recruitment for the Weapon X program, in which adamantium was fused to his bones and claws. It’s only natural that the Library and Archives of Canada would at long last “declassify” his journals and enlistment papers. The press release also contains a short bio sheet of Logan, which states that since the Cold War, he has “worked with various NGOs.” I wonder which ones? You can check out the full funny here. 

Did you see any April Fools’ pranks you thought particularly uproarious? Let us know in the comments!

All images courtesy Library and Archives of Canada

Feature Image Credit: 20th Century Fox

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