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An Interview with Talkin’ Comics Weekly Host, Amy Dallen!

An Interview with Talkin’ Comics Weekly Host, Amy Dallen!

Today marks the launch of Talkin’ Comics Weekly hosted by Amy Dallen! Every Wednesday on Geek & Sundry, Amy will be exploring the history behind a new release and going on an adventure related to the comic! From lassoing like Wonder Woman to flying like a superhero, this show takes comics to a new level that we hope all of our fellow geeks will enjoy.

We sat down with Amy for a quick chat on the show, and delved into her history with comics. Check out the interview below.

Geek & Sundry: What are the differences between Talkin’ Comics Weekly and Talkin’ Comics?

Amy Dallen: The mission of Talkin’ Comics Weekly is the same one I had for my vlogs— to spread the love of comics as far and wide as possible. Everything else is way bigger and better and more exciting! Where the vlogs were just me in my room, talking about things, now I get to go out and have adventures. There’s also this amazing crew of people filming with me and making everything awesome, including the supremely awesome Sean Becker, who you guys may remember from, like, everything on the Internet, but especially the (much-missed) Flog.

G&S: Without pushing for any spoilers, what has been the most exciting thing about filming so far?

AD: If you’ve watched the teaser, you might have spotted this, but in a few episodes I’ll be undergoing a very exciting transformation… definitely a highlight. And my guests that episode! I still can’t believe that happened.

Amy gets Wonderful at Lassoing! ... Sort of.
Amy is Wonderful at Lassoing! … Sort of.

G&S: How long have you been into comics, and can you share a few of your favorites?

AD: I’ve been reading since I was a kid, collecting since some time in Junior High, I think. For most of that time I was just an X-Junkie (still am), but then I discovered Vertigo comics, so those are most of my top ten these days… “Y: the Last Man,” for instance, and “Sandman,” of course. But the X-Men books are as good right now as they’ve been in years, so read those, too!

G&S: What advice would you give someone who is just getting into comic books?

AD: I actually did a vlog about getting into comics. Mostly what it comes down to, though, is that it’s totally okay to feel overwhelmed by how much is out there. All that matters is finding something that speaks to you, and there’s so much out there, if the first thing doesn’t grab you, I promise something else will. Of course, I always recommend your friendly local comic book store if you have one, or your local library! There should always be someone there who’s excited to help you find your new favorite book.

G&S: If you could build a superhero team using any assortment of characters from different series, who would be on it?

AD: Dang, good question! Well, Kitty Pryde because she’s awesome, and talk about versatile… To co-ordinate, definitely Barbara Gordon (Batgirl from DC), although I love her best in her incarnation as Oracle, so Oracle would be our team leader. Captain Marvel and Rogue for muscle, and Dr. Strange, because… Dr. Strange is awesome? Plus, then we’re covered on the mystical plane. Agent 355 from “Y: the Last Man” would probably have a hard time dealing with all these folks existing, but she’d ignore that and kick tons of butt, so she’s on there, and then, let’s see… we have our ninja, team leader, secret agent, fighters, mystical backup… you know what? Willow from Buffy. Willow/Dr. Strange team-up? Yes, please. Also Storm. Just because.

Tune in every Wednesday on Geek & Sundry for a new episode of Talkin’ Comics and make sure to follow Amy on Twitter! To win a copy of this week’s comic, Miracleman, click here!

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