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Amandla Stenberg and Team Debut the ‘Niobe: She is Death’ Kickstarter

Amandla Stenberg and Team Debut the ‘Niobe: She is Death’ Kickstarter

Niobe: She is Life was the first nationally distributed comic book featuring a black female author, artist, and hero. Amandla Stenberg, Ashley A. Woods, and the character of Niobe herself, have all inspired young women across the country to be both strong and empathetic, something a true leader should be.

Niobe Ayutami is a young, black, half-elven warrior living within the fantasy world of Asunda. Niobe: She is Life is described as a coming of age love story, with enough mystery and intrigue to keep you turning page after page.

“The She is Life series is for a global audience and today’s generations who feel a little lost, or even vulnerable,” Stranger Comics president and Niobe co-author Sebastian Jones told Geek & Sundry. “We want readers to be able to relate to Niobe and share the burden as she tackles her own issues with family and navigates growing up in the world outside.”

In the sequel, Niobe: She is Death, writers aimed fore a more defiant, rebellious adventure for the story’s protagonist. “It is a tale of our hero becoming a vigilante, roaming the world from desert wastelands to snow peaked mountains saving young girls from human traffickers and traders,” Jones said.


“In Niobe: She is Death, we see a total shift with Niobe. As she grows up, she gets tired of all the crap the world has thrown at her,” Amanda Stenberg said about the book. “She has to abandon some of her previous morals and ideologies for a moment, to just go through her rebellious stage, to gain a better sense of herself so she can become stronger in the world around her. So her new path reflects my feelings, as I start to deal with all our own world issues, and as it gets scarier, it’s a little better for me to put on the armor.”

Young people in our communities are constantly searching for role models, both in and out of reality, and the story of Niobe has given a new hero to one of our most under-represented groups of comic book readers, young women of color. Sebastian Jones first introduced Niobe with an origin story in The Untamed: A Sinner’s Prayer, and says that she really came into her own after Stenberg came onto the project. “I think when Amandla jumped on board, she really helped give Niobe an authentic voice for young women to relate to,” he said. “When our young female readers scream (or sometimes cry) at our booth at a convention, I am inspired by the knowledge that we have created an uncompromised character that does not adhere to traditional tropes and ideals, nor does she want to.”

Niobe She is Death - Sheldon Mitchell

The Hardcover collection of the graphic novel collection of Niobe: She is Life and the first issue of the Niobe: She is Death comic series will be available to pre-order May 18, 2017 via Kickstarter, from which a portion of the proceeds will be donated to The Innocence Project: a 25 year old non-profit legal organization that is committed to exonerating wrongly convicted people.

On top of it all, Stranger Comics also struck a deal with Paizo Publishing to create a Niobe themed Pathfinder roleplaying game. You can get a copy of the 36-page supplement book with a $20 add on through the Kickstarter.


From the proceed donations, to the impact these books have on readers of all shapes, sizes, and colors; the Niobe series and upcoming roleplaying game are absolutely deserving of the support. Not only do you get the beautiful artwork and creative storytelling when purchasing your copies, but also the sense that you’re supporting a movement of strength. When discussing what he hopes people take away from Niobe: She is Death, Sebastian Jones expressed just that.

“On a human level, I want our readers, especially young readers, to feel it is okay not to know all of the answers because no one does,” he said. “But most of all, I hope they will feel powerful, strong, beautiful, accepted, and brave. No matter where you come from. We got you.”

Be sure to check out the Kickstarter page for Niobe: She is Death, and join in on the Niobe revolution.

Are you already a fan of the Niobe series, or does this new Kickstarter have you excited to delve into the fantasy world of Asunda? Let’s talk in the comments below, or find me on Twitter @bekahbabble!

Image Credits: Stranger Comics

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